april gloria

Interview With Cosplay Queen- April Gloria

I love the aspects of cosplay.  Not just the whole, "look I'm dressed up in an awesome costume" part but the part that takes c...

all i wanna do is make love to you

Unlisted Reunion Show

I had one heck of a Saturday people!  My husband's former band, Unlisted, had a reunion show up in Big Rapids, Michigan at, The Pub. ...


2013 In A Nut Shell!

I hope this post isn't going to end up being obnoxiously long... But 2013 was FREAKING AWESOME!  I have accomplished a million things o...


Throw Back Thursday

Today's #ThrowBackThursday is from Septemeber when I raced in the AirForce Marathon!  The race was brutal (partially because my long ru...


Gettin Geeky at the Geek Group

Not too long ago I had an "outside the box" photo shoot with Jason Hite of Hite Design and Photography .  Jason is a pretty cool d...


Merry Christmas Love The Blankenships

This year Jimmy and I wanted a Christmas card that was fun.... So this is what we chose.

Grand Rapids

Pop Evil At The Intersection

Last night Pop Evil made their way out to the intersection, downtown Grand Rapids.  Love when they come to town and I got the pleasure of i...


Disney Training Update

Burr!  Can we start with that?  Geez has it been a cold start to winter or what!  If you are not from Michigan and have not experienced a &...

actors theatre

Actors Theatre Presents- Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

 If you have been following me, you probably know I am a musical theater geek! I love the stage. Actors’ Theatre Grand Rapids recently...


Jackie Cosplays- The Punisher

I first became familiar with the Punisher when the movie starring Tom Jane came out. I was a senior in high school and went to go see it wi...


Sneek Peek- The Punisher Cosplay

Over the weekend my sister came to visit me.  Dani has been getting into photography and what once was a hobby that she was pretty good at ...

affordable limousine

I Got Married Part 2

I like how I promised at the end of Part One that part two would only be a day away... Well five days later here I am finally writing about...

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