Saturday, August 17, 2013


First off snaps to me because my voice is back!  I lose my voice ridiculously easy and Friday got a little crazy... It all started harmless enough, a normal day really.

We had a major event at the radio station Saturday, our annual 'Summer Craft Beer Festival.'  In honor of that we had breweries from all over Michigan come into the station and booze up Shaffee and I to promote the festival.  Friday was Rockford Brewing Company and Shorts Brewing company.  They brought us each a growler of their beer.  As many of you know craft beer can get a bit stronger than my normal go to of bud light or PBR.  I drank too much from this stupid growler and at 5PM I was ready to rock... yeah it was only 5pm, that kinda stinks eh?

I headed over to grab some pizza with Producer Steve from our morning show, where I attempted to drink my beer very slowly as to not get any more intoxicated that I already was.  My bead was a bit fuzzy already and it was early!

After our delicious Peppinos we trekked across the street to the Intersection for the Wayland/Jackyl show.  For one thing, Jackyl is awesome live, and for 2 how cool is it that our homeboys Wayland are duel headlining a show with them!

The night continued as any other show would, lots of loud music, and a great time.  After Wayland rocked the house, (in which they referred to me on stage as "The Renegade of GRD" for playing their song that wasn't in rotation) We hung out in the green room with Jesse James Dupree of Jackyl and had what I would call a stellar evening.


I always have good intentions, I'm in my running gear at work, kickin back, rockin out with Grand Rapids, and in walks, Rockford Brewing Company, what's a girl supposed to do?!


I didn't expect to walk into the Wayland show and get set up back stage with the band!  It was a pretty fun evening to be able to reconnect with the guys and hear about what life has been like on the road for them as of late.

friday11 friday10 friday9 friday8 friday7 friday6

Check out the picture below, bass player for Jackyl has a pretty sweet tattoo, RED WINGS!  Reppin the D!


Jesse James Dupree is one crazy man, so glad I got to take a picture with him before his set!


Yup this happened, Dean of Wayland decided to sign Producer Steves chest... using his mouth...


Friday, August 16, 2013

Mount Pleasant Road Trip

A few years back I used to drive out to Mount Pleasant, Michigan for, "Soaring Eagle Superstars." A karaoke contest held every summer, all summer long.

Basically Jimmy, and our friends and I would drive up there, drink a bunch of beer, sing out guts out and  hope to make top 6.  Which we never did.

This summer we decided to go back and give it a whirl.  Same old story, Emily and I drank a lot too much beer, and ate a bunch of these crazy delicious pickles that were the size of my arm... That aside I sang one of my favorite songs of all time, "Because The Night" from Patti Smith.

That women is amazing, her sandpaper voice is perfect to me and tapping my inner Patti was way too much fun ;)

I did NOT make top 6 haha, not that I truly expected to.  If I had I think I may have been a bit screwed considering that the top 6 has to sing a second song and I wouldn't have been at all prepared to go up there again!

Ahhh, it was a fun Saturday adventure to say the least, I even had 2 people comment that they "Thought I was a shoe in for top 6"  So at least I didn't butcher it!

soaringeagle1 soaringeagle2 soaringeagle3 soaringeagle4

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Creepy Comments

In my line of work you get a lot of comments from complete strangers.  That's fine with me, honestly, because at least that means people are listening right!   Well sitting back in the studio the other day I decided why not stir the pot and share some of these comments.  So I went through a bunch of posts, status's and pictures and picked my favorite comments, and put together this gem of a video...