Creepy Comments

In my line of work you get a lot of comments from complete strangers.  That's fine with me, honestly, because at least that means people are listening right!   Well sitting back in the studio the other day I decided why not stir the pot and share some of these comments.  So I went through a bunch of posts, status's and pictures and picked my favorite comments, and put together this gem of a video...


  1. In was going to out-creepy all the creepers. I thought it would be easy. I underestimated their creepiness... so never mind.

  2. oh never underestimate the creepiness of a creeper ;)

  3. I will have to up my game... but at the risk of doing what I was going to pretend to be doing anyway, I must admit that having seen your pictures, I can see why so many of your male fans are reduced to chin-dribbling Neolithic Neanderthals. (Okay, I suck at creepy)...


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