Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Next Cosplay Is In The Works!

I am so excited for my next cosplay shoot!  Next up I am taking my hand at, "The Punisher."  LOVE the Punisher.  Bad ass movie and bad ass comic!  Working on my weaponry now... some toy guns, some spray paint, ahh the fun I am having!


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Air Force Marathon: COMPLETE!

What can I say about the Air Force Marathon?  It is AWESOME! I don't know if I would be saying this if the stars hadn't aligned for me and I hadn't ran what was basically the best marathon I ever ran!

This race felt like I was part of "The Wizard of Oz."  I had some buddies I met on the yellow brick road, (or the random roads in Dayton I was running...) that ran with me the entire way, making the adventure even more fun!  First there was the scare crow (or my buddy John whatever you want to call him.) Who kept me company, kept my pace for me, and made sure every 5 miles I had a GU (because I hate GU but they are pretty important if you want to do well.  Then there was my pal the Tin Man (or a female I met named Annie) Annie, err.. I mean Tin Man, serves our country in the United States Air Force.  I met her along the run, she was struggling pacing herself trying to run a Boston Qualifier so I invited her to pace along side us.  Little did I know her by my side made my 26.2 miles a little easier.

Well who the hell's Dorothy?  ME of course, it's my blog I obviously get to be Dorothy!  The race wound its way around Dayton, Ohio and in and out of the USAF Base.  Miles 1-21 I felt like a machine, stomping my way down the yellow brick road in search of the wizard.  It wasn't until I passed mile 21 that my body hit a wall and my legs said, "NO MORE!"  With the encouragement of my friends I pushed through (barely) and finished.  I missed my goal a bit BUT I did still hit a Boston qualifying time of 03:34:54!  My girl Annie arghh I mean Tin Man, also made a Boston qualifying time!

For anyone considering running a marathon in the future, DO IT!  Don't wait, don't say maybe next year, get up and start running a few miles a day and build up.  If you ever want tips or advice ask me I love to help!

So that's my story on the USAF Marathon- what's next for Dorothy?  I'm thinking I am just crazy enough to do the Grand Rapids Marathon in 4 weeks... let's see if my ruby slippers are ready for that!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Air Force Marathon Here I Come

I'm here! I am sitting on my little roll away bed, crammed into a hotel with 5 of my crazy runner friends awaiting the pain that will come tomorrow. First off it's hot outside- muggy is more like it. If that's not enough it is raining like crazy!
Am I ready? How can you ever be ready to endure 26.2 miles? I have my goals in mind and I'm ready to bring what I have to the table but I'm fairly positive this race will be all guts and all brain very little physical strength (which is surprisingly common in distance running if you ask me.).
Let's flash back here to my first marathon. Bay shore, it's held in Traverse City, Michigan. I ran it with my at the time boyfriend and neither of us were very well prepared. He wasn't even registered actually he just ran it like a bandit with no number and they still gave him a medal when he finished with me!
I ran 3:41:08 that day and haven't been able to catch that time since. I say it's because I didn't know what to expect then, I didn't realize how bad it was going to hurt! It was an added bonus that my ex was somewhat dying and I became the rock who felt great I'm comparison (little confidence boosters like that go a long way! Haha!).
Tomorrow I'm going to go out and hope for that elusive 3:35:00 time- I'll either get it, or I won't but either way tomorrow night I'll be getting wasted. It just hasn't been decided whether I'll be celebrating or not!
So wish me luck! I'll be sporting Wonder Woman (duh!)


Jackie Cosplays- Harley Quinn Arkham Asylum

I am so excited about this cosplay. Harley Quinn is my favorite comic villian. For one thing her story is wicked cool and there should be a movie role for her... come one the lady was working the psych ward, falls in love with a patient we know as the joker and runs away and becomes a crazy little sidekick/lover to Batman's nemesis! Love it!

My sister and I teamed up again for this one. She is an awesome photographer, we are a kick ass team. She has more of her work HERE. For this particular shoot I teamed up with costume designer, Viva Wonder Woman. She is out of Vegas and super bad ass. A lot of her creativity and some of mine created this look. The make up was done by me, I dabble in makeup artistry- I did the mask with makeup and everything.

Can you tell I am proud of this one? Here are the photos from the shoot. If you get a chance check out Vault Of Midnight, on Monroe Center downtown Grand Rapids. Brand new comic shop, very cool place, they even let me shoot a bit inside!





Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Jackie Cosplays- Harley Quinn: Arkham Asylum

Oh I love me some Batman my friends. The characters in the game, Batman: Arkham Asylum wicked awesome. I love the Harley Quinn look so I decided lets give Harley another go and recreate this naughty/evil nurse from the epic video game! My sister is the fab photographer behind this shoot. She is self taught and gotten really good! Here are 2 shots from tonight!  Check em out!




I'll have more images tomorrow!  I believe this shall be one of my favorite cosplays to date.  It was especially awesome being downtown Grand Rapids.  It's currently Art Prize 2013 and I am 99% sure all the people down town were under the impression I was part of all the crazy fun happening downtown.  I had people clapping when I walked by!  It made me think, could I enter Art Prize with a cosplay?  Maybe I'll do some research on that for next year...

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Jackie Cosplays- Harley Quinn

Cosplay Flashback my friends! I am in the process of a new Harley Quinn cosplay, this time it's Harley in her amazing nurses get up from Batman: Arkham Asylum. I teamed up with my girl Viva Wonder Woman for the perfect costume. Can't wait til Friday when we shoot this one. In honor of that here is the Harley Quinn I created last year this time. I pulled pieces from thrift stores, as well as too apart VERY old jackets and tops mashed em up to create this goth/punk fun Harley!

I am very lucky to be in an eclectic circle of friends with many talents. One being makeup artistry, I dragged my friend Erick Gerson Rodriquez into this thing too! This guy can make anyone look good, bad, or crazy in like 5 minutes!

We added to our entourage our buddy Jeremiah Rosa. Jeremiah is fairly new to photography but he can shoot a bad ass super villain like no ones business! He does fabulous work and so we were excited to find out his geeky streak is about as long and wide as a geeky streak can be...

Anywho with our powers combined we bring you: CAPTAIN PLANET! Err... I mean HARLEY QUINN- Rock Star Villain!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Open Mic Night With Jimmy

Jimmy (my fiance) and I have a few project we are working on (coming soon!) But we recently have been coming up with some acoustic covers and a buddy of mine caught this on video! We have a few we've been working on including, Hearts, "All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You" and The Stone Ponys, "Different Drum." This one is one of my ultimate faves though, Patti Smith, "Because The Night."

Neither of us claim to be master musician/artists, nor do we think we will ever make it big in music. But I like to rock out and so does he. This was at a small town bar in Howard City, Michigan. They had an open mic night with an acoustic so after a few beers we said screw it let's play a few tunes. Don't judge my stage presence by this performance, we were just being casual.

Stay tuned for more news on our upcoming musical endeavors!

Jackie Cosplays - Wonder Woman

This was a mega fun cosplay shoot! I got to emulate one bad ass woman super hero... WONDER WOMAN! I have been so excited to shoot this cosplay, and the coolest part? My sister was the one who photographed it! Yeah my little sister Danielle has a photography business, DM Photography. My sister has always been creative and I am beyond thrilled she found an outlet that she can use to express that creativity. While I always have been the dramatic, performer, she was more of a behind the scenes, creative artist. I am pretty positive we are going to make a very cool sister duo!

My costume is designed based on DC Comics, New 52 series which I have been avidly reading for a few months now and LOVE (Yeah, call me a geek haha.) I teamed up with designer, Viva Wonder Woman, out of Las Vegas, Nevada, and she brought my ideas into fruition.
I think the best part of this shoot was roaming around downtown Grand Rapids dressed as a super hero... I approached numerous people asking, "Do you need assistance?!" No one did =(

That's my 'sis and me getting ready to shoot some crazy Wonder Woman-ness!

[caption id="attachment_190322" align="aligncenter" width="630"] Wonder Woman On-Air[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_190326" align="aligncenter" width="420"] High upon the roof tops with my lasso of truth![/caption]

[caption id="attachment_190325" align="aligncenter" width="418"] Wonder Woman supports reading![/caption]

[caption id="attachment_190576" align="aligncenter" width="420"] BAM! Wonder Woman[/caption]