Air Force Marathon Here I Come

I'm here! I am sitting on my little roll away bed, crammed into a hotel with 5 of my crazy runner friends awaiting the pain that will come tomorrow. First off it's hot outside- muggy is more like it. If that's not enough it is raining like crazy!
Am I ready? How can you ever be ready to endure 26.2 miles? I have my goals in mind and I'm ready to bring what I have to the table but I'm fairly positive this race will be all guts and all brain very little physical strength (which is surprisingly common in distance running if you ask me.).
Let's flash back here to my first marathon. Bay shore, it's held in Traverse City, Michigan. I ran it with my at the time boyfriend and neither of us were very well prepared. He wasn't even registered actually he just ran it like a bandit with no number and they still gave him a medal when he finished with me!
I ran 3:41:08 that day and haven't been able to catch that time since. I say it's because I didn't know what to expect then, I didn't realize how bad it was going to hurt! It was an added bonus that my ex was somewhat dying and I became the rock who felt great I'm comparison (little confidence boosters like that go a long way! Haha!).
Tomorrow I'm going to go out and hope for that elusive 3:35:00 time- I'll either get it, or I won't but either way tomorrow night I'll be getting wasted. It just hasn't been decided whether I'll be celebrating or not!
So wish me luck! I'll be sporting Wonder Woman (duh!)


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