Gettin Geeky at the Geek Group

Not too long ago I had an "outside the box" photo shoot with Jason Hite of Hite Design and Photography.  Jason is a pretty cool dude that likes to, "think outside the box."  Normally any photo shoot I do is either, pageant related, or cosplay style.  This was a just for fun type thing.

We went over to the Geek Group in Grand Rapids.  If you are from the area you may be familiar with it, it's over on Leonard Street.  This place is nuts!  It is geek heaven my friends.  A 42,000 square foot facility that is perfect for any kind of experiment. 

The guys at the Geek Group were super cool and let us play with all the toys they had, which were kind of frightening (like the tesla coil that could kill you if you are inside of the fence that surrounds it...) 

Check out these photos we got using the space!

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