I Got Married Part 2

I like how I promised at the end of Part One that part two would only be a day away... Well five days later here I am finally writing about part two, why?  Well a number of reasons, one, I was  being lazy, two I got the flu and didn't want to do much other than sit around and barf a bunch... any-who here is part two to my wedding saga!

My mom lifted me by the arms and dragged me to a chair nearby.  I was aware of what was going on around me but my eye sight was very blurry, like I was wearing glasses with butter smeared across the lenses.  My mother quickly got my dad to grab some food for me, and my trusty Mistress Of Ceremony, Katie grabbed me a granola bar.

I was panicking inside all I could think was, "I'm not getting married today anymore, I can't even stand, Jim is going to be so sad!"  As I munched on a peanut butter nature valley bar my eyesight came back into focus and I found myself feeling just a little better.  I scarfed down two snack bags of pretzels and a coke and then I was back!
I was kind of a hot mess at this point, if you want to have a true image of what I looked like, picture me sitting in a chair slumped down just a ball of white wedding dress, and 6 brides maids with bibles fanning me.  Some were just fanning me with their dresses, to be honest the air helped I remember it being very warm, but I saw a lot of underwear at that moment!

It was way too late to take any photos or really do anything before the ceremony so my mom finished lacing up the last bit of my dress and we just hung out like that for five minutes or so until they called us to our places.

I wasn't really nervous because I wasn't afraid to marry Jimmy, I was more thinking about how I could pass out at any moment again and how embarrassing that would be.  Like the blink of an eye the ceremony went by so quickly.

We had to readings one from our best man, Greg, and one from my two maid of honors, my sister Dani and my best friend Nikki.  The 30 minute ceremony felt like 5 minutes it went so quick.  When finally our pastor, Dr. David Lee Smith said we could kiss I realized, "Holy shit we are married!"  As we kissed our chosen song of, "I Believe In A Thing Called Love," by The Darkness played and we used that to walk back down the aisle to.

The rest of the bridal party followed and next thing you know Jim and I were hopping in a limo while bubbles were being blown at us and off we went! 

I didn't get a good look at the church really until later but it looks beautiful!  My aunt had put bows up and these awesome pillars on the stage.  They had lit candles all along the aisle so everything was so lit up.  It looked just as I had pictured in all my months of planning, honestly it looked even BETTER than I pictured. 

We had to race the clock to get photos done because it was quickly approaching 5 o clock which is when it starts to get dark here around this time of year.  We had multiple trouble along the way though, first Jim's mom up and left after the ceremony not realizing we had photos... then the photographers car was about to get towed and we had to find a way to move it before we could start.  I was in full panic mode acting like a mega bitch because as anyone who is married knows, pictures are important!  In the end they are all you have left of that day for memories, especially since we did not have a videographer.

All my bridezilla bitchiness though dissipated quickly we got the pictures we needed and had a great time cruisin around in the limo until the reception.  That's when the real fun starts, and that's where I will end this post, I'll have "Part 3- The Reception" next. 

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