Sneek Peek- The Punisher Cosplay

Over the weekend my sister came to visit me.  Dani has been getting into photography and what once was a hobby that she was pretty good at is now a career and she is doing really well for herself.
We had been talking about doing, "The Punisher" as our next shoot for MONTHS.  Well we finally made it happen.  First off it was OF COURSE the coldest fucking day ever!  I mean ever!  What the hell it was like snow city, I wanted to go punish some bitches.  
Secondly my brother in law is a bad ass and apparently owns an array of weaonry including but not limited to, rifles, swords, blades, knives, and pistols... So that kind of helped the shoot.
I only have one shot so far, check it out!

Oh and PS: I had my hair and makeup done for this shoot by some kick ass people!  Erick Rodriguez made the makeup look incredible while Sin Chun of Sin Republic put REAL bullets in my hair... not sure how safe that is but it happened... More images to come soon! 

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