Monday, January 27, 2014

February Challenge

It's only a few days away and February will be here!  For January I gave up pop and was quite successful and I am very pleased with the results.  Now pop is something I'm trying to stay off- but for February I decided to give up another thing that's dear to me, candy and sweets!

I love snickers bars, I love doughnuts and I love ICE CREAM!  So this February I am giving it up! No sweets! 

I write this now as I sit at the radio station enjoying a snickers bar, playing Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters". I love candy bars at work haha this will be tough.

Ill track my results here!  Do you have anything you're giving up in 2014 or this month? Comment below! 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Photo Shoot With Jean Smith Photography

Since I created my blog recently, I haven't been able to share my photo shoots that may have been before the creation of this blog.

I wanted to flashback a little bit and share these photos from my work with Jean Smith Photography.  Jean is a fantastic photographer from South Lyons, Michigan.

We first met and shot together in April of 2011.  We wanted to play with light in an open field.  Tons of tall grass, and fun ways to create different forms of light.  

A few years after these shots were taken, I won a contest with Gladys Magazine.  A fashion magazine sold at Barnes and Nobles nationwide.  The magazine sent me back out to South Lyon to work with Jean once again for a photo shoot with the magazine!  I was the July Gladys Girl.  

The theme was Pin up, we were told we could go as modern, or retro as we want wanted.  I got a hold of a pin up swim suit, and had my hair styled at Moxie Hair Parlor, in Grand Rapids.  My make up was done by me (something I dabble in for fun!) 

Jean and I met on a farm in South Lyon where there was some fantastic old trucks, dirt roads, etc.  Here are some of the photos that we came up with.

Just wanted to share some of these, since my shots with Jean have always been my favorite! 

What's your favorite photo of yourself?  Was it a professional shot, or something as simple as a cell phone selfie?  Photos can say so much about someone, feel free to comment and share YOUR favorite photo of yourself, maybe we'll do a post with the many photos of happiness! 

Friday, January 24, 2014

#MakeAChange Challenge- Update

A few weeks back I posted about the #MakeAChange challenge.  Basically the challenge is to give something up for the month of January, something that isn't good for you anyway.

I chose to give away pop.  I have a crazy addiction to pop, first off I drink diet, for you health  nuts I know, I know that its worse for me- blah blah blah.  Anyway I used to drink a LOT of pop, I'm talking 6 a day (don't judge me! haha) 

I am proud to say that this month I have been pop free!  I haven't had any soda and have replaced my love of pop with mainly hot tea.  I have a new addiction here people, hot black tea, green tea, white tea, I love them all I add "stevia" sweetener because it's all natural and derived from plants.  

My results?  Thus far I am definitely feeling better.  I honestly feel lighter, and thinner even.  I don't think I have actually lost an weight necessarily but my tummy feels flatter, and I feel better.  

This is a change I hope I can make stick, so far so good!  What have you decided to do in 2014 to better your life?  I have so many other things I am doing or attempting to do.

Here is a rundown;

Never wear running clothes, lounge clothes to work anymore- this one is big for me, I run all the time and in radio it really doesn't matter how you dress or what you look like, so I got comfortable and started just wearing my running clothes every single day.  I never looked nice and the days I wore a sweater and jeans people would comment how nice I looked... I wasn't even dressed up!  So thus far I have only worn work appropriate clothes to work!

Better career- It's easy to lose focus on things once you get comfortable in your job.  I have become comfortable so I am trying to make sure that I am constantly becoming a better broadcaster.

Running- I've said it once, and I'll say it again, I want to run the Boston Marathon in 2015.  I already qualified but I need to qualify by a bit more in order to KNOW I can get in.  So I signed up for the Kalamazoo Marathon which is May 4th.  My training "officially" starts Monday, this week is my "pre-training" week.  Thank God too because it's like 15 below zero...

I'll check back at the end of the month with another progress report on life without pop... While it's definitely better, I will not lie, I miss that crisp, cold, awesome taste of diet mountain dew... BUT I will persevere people!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

National Miss Captivating Photo Shoot

I have been so busy with work and the play that I have been an awful blogger!  Wanted to quick share a new promotional photo for Captivating Pageants.  I am the current National Miss Captivating and am keeping busy during my reign working with the AT-Children's Project, running races for charity, theatre and work!  

I'll have a post soon updating my #makeachange challenge! NO POP! 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tackling The Dopey Challenge

What a long, long week it was.  First I battled strep throat and had to take an entire week off running!  You can imagine what that did to me mentally, I was a mess.  If you are unfamiliar with the Dopey Challenge let me break it down. It's at Walt Disney World and it consists of a 5k, 10k, half marathon, and full marathon. Starting Thursday with the 5k and ending Sunday with the Marathon.

I didn't take anyone's advice and ran the 5k WAY too fast.  Started the first mile around 7 minutes and negative split the race until I finished with a time of 20:50 seconds.  I vowed to take the 10k slower so I wouldn't kill myself before the half and the full.

I did take it slower but not slow enough, I still clocked in at about 45 minutes which is a 7:20 pace or so.  By Saturday I was a little bit dead to say the least.  Not from running 9 miles in 2 days, I was in great shape for the distance, but because I was recovering from being super sick, and each race began at 5AM meaning we had to wake up at 3:15 everyday!

The half marathon was NOT pretty.  I ran AWFUL.  It was hot, humid and miserable.  The first 6 miles I felt fine keeping an easy 8:15 pace thinking if I feel good maybe I'll take the last few miles hard.  At the 6 mile mark I began to break down, I started to feel dehydrated and sick.  I finished the run in about 1:53, an 8:30 average.  Man it was NOT fun.

I was DREADING the marathon, all I could think was, "how the hell am I going to run 26.2 miles if I could barely run 13 yesterday!"  It was my best friend Nikki's first marathon, so I had promised to run with her and we had vowed to take it very easy.

I was a grumpy goose people.  She was super excited and ready to run and I was probably the fun vacuum just sucking everything positive from the air with my negativity.  I was just so scared that I would have that race we all dread and feel like garbage with 10 or more miles left to run.

I surprised myself though!  We took it easy clocking in around 9:30 a mile, and by mile 15 I felt good enough to go ahead and start going a tad faster, I built up speed til I was averaging under 9 a mile and finished with not a good overall time but I felt great! I finished the 26.2 mile race in about 4:25 which is damn near an hour slower than my PR, but I finished, and never stopped, so I'm calling it a win!

I took Monday off, since I was traveling most of the day, then working the second half of the day.  Then I had rehearsal for, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.  By the time I got home I was SPENT.  I checked the mailbox and there was a disc there with all my wedding photos on it... so of course I sat up and had to look at all of those!

Today will kick off my next session of training, I'll probably only get in an easy 4-5 mile run, we'll see what happens though!

As for the #makeachange challenge, I am holding strong with no pop!  I even think I dropped a couple pounds since beginning the challenge! Can't ask for more than that now can I?

UPDATE- 1/28/2104
I just got back these two photos from the race!  One is my "Dopey Finisher" photo and the other was me running with my buddy David in the Half Marathon!

Monday, January 6, 2014

#MakeAChange Challenge

LOVE this challenge.  My friend Tina (from Fuel Your Future With Tina.) shared this and I had to jump on the band wagon.  The premise is that for 21 days of January you give up something that isn't exactly healthy for you and record your progress.

Tina is giving up gluten... that's a lofty goal especially since I think I may just be addicted to gluten.  On a much smaller scale I plan to give up pop.  Yup, soda pop.  

I have always had an issue with Diet Coke, and Mountain Dew.  They are my weakness and I am somewhat ashamed to admit that I probably down 6 pops a day... if not more!  

I hope to give up pop and replace it with green tea, coffee, and water.  

If you want to join me in this #MakeAChange challenge, then check out where it all started HERE.

Day 1 is today and thankfully I hadn't had my typical first soda yet!  So I am off to a stellar start ;)

Friday, January 3, 2014

Let The Resolutions Begin!

It's resolution time!  I know every year along side a million, trillion other American's I make useless resolutions that typically I don't follow through on, BUT just in the spirit of "new beginnings" why not get my own list going!

  1. No More Crazy Hair Dye/Hack Jobs- Every year I decide it's a brilliant idea to bleach the sh*t out of my hair and go platinum blonde... every year it kills my hair, and wrecks the little hair growth I have gotten through out the year. This year I will stay dark! Say no to blonde Jackie!  I am also NOT cutting it this year, I plan on baby trims, just to get rid of those pesky split ends, but this will be the year I actually follow through and GROW my hair, if at the 1st of 2015 it still looks like garbage I can go back short. 
  2. No Selfies Where I Don't Smile/SMILE MORE-  I don't know why I think I look better doing some dramatic serious face, but I don't!  Honestly know one does.... It's cool for a dramatic photo here and there but when it comes to selfies, lets say NO to duck lips! 
  3. Learn How To Play Bass- I've always had an interest in bass guitar, my husband got super excited when I mentioned this in passing (since he played bass in a band for 10 years) and went out and bought me an awesome Daisy Rock bass... with picks, a strap, a case... the whole shabang.  Do you think I can play? NOPE.  2014 I will learn how to at least play 2 songs successfully (keepin the bar low here maybe I'll learn 3 who knows!)
  4. No More Ridiculous Drinking Games- Don't get me wrong, I'll still be going out for beers and having a rockin good time... but I think games like "Edward 40 Hands" can officially be retired...
  5. No More Flipping Off The Camera- It's just not classy.... 
  6. Learn To Ride A Motorcycle- Buy a Motorcycle! My dad rides, my husband rides, and I really want to also!  So in 2014 I want to take a class or whatever I need to do, then I plan to buy a motorcycle! That's my big goal for 2014, I really want to do this one. 
    7.  Get My Concealed Weapons License- This one is exciting!  I want to be a bad ass, out shooting guns.  No really I do!  The day after my wedding our best man took us to a gun range and I shot a gun for the first time and really liked it... so yeah that's now something I want to do.

    These are a few of my goals, I also have my MAJOR goal of 3:14 in 2014... I want to run a marathon in 3hours and 14minutes in 2014!  That is my biggest goal of all... but the others would be a nice added bonus to 2014...