Photo Shoot With Jean Smith Photography

Since I created my blog recently, I haven't been able to share my photo shoots that may have been before the creation of this blog.

I wanted to flashback a little bit and share these photos from my work with Jean Smith Photography.  Jean is a fantastic photographer from South Lyons, Michigan.

We first met and shot together in April of 2011.  We wanted to play with light in an open field.  Tons of tall grass, and fun ways to create different forms of light.  

A few years after these shots were taken, I won a contest with Gladys Magazine.  A fashion magazine sold at Barnes and Nobles nationwide.  The magazine sent me back out to South Lyon to work with Jean once again for a photo shoot with the magazine!  I was the July Gladys Girl.  

The theme was Pin up, we were told we could go as modern, or retro as we want wanted.  I got a hold of a pin up swim suit, and had my hair styled at Moxie Hair Parlor, in Grand Rapids.  My make up was done by me (something I dabble in for fun!) 

Jean and I met on a farm in South Lyon where there was some fantastic old trucks, dirt roads, etc.  Here are some of the photos that we came up with.

Just wanted to share some of these, since my shots with Jean have always been my favorite! 

What's your favorite photo of yourself?  Was it a professional shot, or something as simple as a cell phone selfie?  Photos can say so much about someone, feel free to comment and share YOUR favorite photo of yourself, maybe we'll do a post with the many photos of happiness! 

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