Thursday, February 20, 2014

Feeling Reminiscent

TIt's Thursday which is normally known in the social media world as "Throwback Thursday" simply put people like to share old photos with the hashtag #TBT or #ThrowbackThursday.

I decided to partake in some throwback this week and going through my old photos I started to feel a tad sad. 

So much has changed in the last 7 years- for one thing 7 years really freaking flys by! 

I went from running on Ferris's cross country and track team, partying with friends and the only new clothes I bought were from Forever 21 becuase we all know they have the best, cheapest "going out clothes."  To now where I am working full time, and I'm married... Let me repeat that, IM MARRIED!  

I love my current life don't get me wrong, and I have made an abundance of new friends that I wouldn't trade for the world but I do sometimes miss my college days.

The picture above was summer 2006- that was me and my teammate/roommate Leanna.  It feels like yesterday that Leanna and I were going to parties, running together and hanging with her crowd of friends (she was older and wiser than I with a slew of friends!) 

A few years ago Leanna passed away from cancer.  The first friend I have had to pass away at such a terrible young age.

On another note spring '07 came and track season was one of my best I had in college.  This group of girls were known as the "fearsome foursome" we were a small group of distance girls who did not one but two events in one meet! I did the 3,000 meter run and the 10,000.  The other three girls did the 5,000 and 10,000.  

We had such a good time and I can remember the elated feeling I had in my gut knowing coach thought I was good enough at conference to not run one but two major distance events. 

Now the girls are scattered all over the US.  Julia in Colorado, Kristen I believe is West Virginia and Ashley is married with a baby girl here in Grand Rapids! 

Now this picture above is one of my favorites! It was 2007/2008? I can barely remember haha, this group of crazy kids road tripped to Soaring Eagle Casino to watch Godsmack live in concert.  We got there to discover Timmy (far left) had got the date wrong and it was actually Disney's Ally and AJ performing! We stuck around and had some beers and it's still one of the best memories I have from college! 

I am positive Nikki hates this picture above but I always liked this one! It was 2008 my final season of cross country.  I remember it so well because it was my last Bulldog Invite! This was Nikki's sophomore year my 5th year (I redshirted one season) we still remain best friends and she was the maid of honor in my wedding! 

Whew! Anyway I'm all flustered and teary eyed! Hah! I'm done being nostolgic for now- last week of performances for Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson! Then I'll be auditioning for Jesus Christ Superstar and Carrie The Musical at Circle Theatre. 

Lets not forget my crazy training that starts Monday for Kalamazoo marathon! Ahhhhh! I'm not ready! :p

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pageant Talk- National Miss Captivating Photo Shoot Take 2

I currently have kept myself super busy, between the performances in the play, my current running schedule, working at the radio station, and making appearances as the current National Miss Captivating.  I haven't done as good a job as I should updating about Captivating Pageants so I thought I would do a quick Captivating re-cap, and share two new photos from our recent photo shoot!

The National Captivating Pageant was developed by Rick Martinez owner and operator of Studio RM LLC.  Rick is not only a photographer (he captured my wedding!) He also directs numerous pageants including two different preliminary pageants to the Miss Michigan and Miss Ohio USA pageant.

National Miss Captivating is a pageant developed solely by Rick.  It began in 2011 when Sarah Gerberding was crowned on live television!  That's right Captivating Pageants have been captured on national networks like MTV!

Captivating is a glamorous pageant that consists of interview, swim wear, fashion wear, and evening wear. The top 3 contestants in every age group also will answer an on stage question.

As you can tell from previous blogs this year I won!  Now that the background on captivating is out here are two more photos from our last photo shoot!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wedding Photos!

They are here!  I completely forgot to share my wedding photos.  Everything went by so fast it makes me sad to even think about.  I got the disc back a little less than a month ago so I have shared a few photos but I haven't shared a whole bunch on here yet.

Here are just a few of my favorite shots taken by Studio RM LLC!

My favorite photo is that last one!  That is a dance that Jimmy and the boys came up with the day of the wedding to the Austin Powers theme song!  They actually learned the opening number to the movie for the garter toss!  It was incredible!  I wish we had got that on video!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Opening Night: Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

Wow! Opening night has come and gone already! We have completed our first week of performances for "Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson" 

The schedule has had me pretty insanely busy thus my lack of blogging.  

Above is a picture of Maddie and I in the opening number "Populism, Yeah Yeah"

I was so freaked when the show began, it's my first community theatre role with 1. A solo
2. Lines
So yeah you could say I really didn't want to mess this thing up! 

We both (Maddie and I) killed it though, hitting the notes and got laughs at the appropriate times (Woopwoop! Haha!)

The rest of the show went swimmingly!  We made it through without a hitch and when the reviews came out there was nothing but positive things said! 

You could say I am currently shitting rainbows and stars.  I am not only excited about the show and it's success but I am excited about the cast, they are more than that they are new friends!

I can easily say I love each of them they are all fantastic! 

Above is a picture of Mackenzie and me rocking our matching "best fucking bitches" tanks!  We sported these to the cast party Friday night!

If the week hadn't already been jam packed enough I got another amazing surprise.  One of my closest friends, Katie, who lives way out in Ohio surprised me by coming to Saturday nights show! 

Katie wasn't alone in the audience though, we nearly sold out! I had plenty of family there laughing along with the rest of the audience!  

My dad was celebrating his 60th birthday (that I'm not supposed to talk about hah!) him along with my mom, cousins, aunt, sister, husband, and friend! 

Above is a picture of my sissy, and two cousins Meghan and Katie after the show! 

Alas I still have been running, even though it's been miserable cold and my motivation is unusually low. 

Yeah that was Saturday, my cold, awful, snowy, long run.  Longish I made it 10 miles.  Working toward May 4th when I'm running the Kalamazoo Marathon.  

Hopefully this week I can get back on track- I had what my husband calls "pop weekend"  Yup I drank pop a lot of it! O fell of the wagon people BUT I'm back on just had some chamomile tea and come Monday Ill be back to NO pop and hopefully mile miles will get back up!

2 more weekends of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson!