It's Going To Be A 'Super' Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day!  It's once a year and it's the highlight of many peoples months!  Especially you comic book nerdys.  I have had a project I have wanted to work on for a while and I am really excited to announce that it is happening!

I got the idea from a group out of Las Vegas called, Critical Care Comics.  A very caring group of people cosplay it up and visit a local children's hospital and deliver comics to the kids.

This year I teamed up with Vault of Midnight comic book store to do that exact thing.  I'll be sporting my personal favorite, Wonder Woman and with the help of Vault of Midnight I'll be delivering comics to the children at Helen Devos Children's Hospital.

When I learned about Critical Care Comics and saw the images of what they strive to do I knew I wanted to involve myself in a similar project. 

I had surgery when I was only 14 years old at Mott Children's Hospital at the University Of Michigan.  14 seems a little old for a children's hospital to some but let me tell you, being a scared 14 year old that you are anything but old, you are still just a kid.

I was undergoing a life changing surgery due to a condition I was born with called CAIS (Read more about CAIS on my About Me section.)  

I've never been a huge sports fan other than the obvious, cross country and track.  Well while I spent my time in the hospital players from the Detroit Tigers and the Detroit Red Wings came in and visited the kids, myself included.  I can't explain why this is something I remember so well, especially because I wasn't a sports fan, but that day is engrained in my memory.

I not only felt special that someone who didn't know me cared enough to come in and say hi, they brought me candy, and autographed baseballs (that I could care less about) but I remember telling everyone in my family that a player from the Tigers came in and said hi to me.  

Having that memory helps me to want to give a sunny day to another kid in the hospital who just wants a fun day, a memorable day.

It has been 15 years since I had my surgery and to be honest the only thing I remember about my week long stay in the hospital was that one day that wasn't like the rest, the day I had a visitor. 

Most of these kids have to stay much longer than one week, so hopefully Vault of Midnight and myself can bring some fun this May!

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