Goodbye WGRD

This has been a crazy week.  As many of you know I have worked at WGRD here in Grand Rapids for over 5 years, and I have been on air full time for the last 4 years.  I love Grand Rapids, I love rock music, concerts and everything that I did at GRD, but the time has come for a change.

Starting Monday August 4th I will begin working as a weekday reporter for Fox 17 News.  My dream since college was to work as an entertainment/feature reporter and I can't believe my dream has finally come true!  
My time slot is still being adjusted but right now it looks like I will be working on the morning news show covering events, concerts, entertainment and fun in Grand Rapids... Fun is my middle name so I think this will be a great fit!

The thought of leaving GRD, leaving radio in general is daunting.  When I began radio it was scary I didn't know what all the buttons did, I couldn't properly edit commercials down, I felt like I was always messing up.  Now all of those things have become second nature for me.  In other words I have became comfortable.

When I saw Fox 17 was looking for a new full time reporter I thought, "what the heck, ya don't know if ya don't try!"  and I threw my demo reel into the mix.  

I was caught off guard when the news director of Fox called and asked to set up an interview, I was even more caught off guard when he called back only a few hours later offering me the full time position! 

I can't wait to share the fun and excitement of Grand Rapids with the rest of the community, I will be covering concerts, events, restaurant openings, and more!  You can bet I already have a mental note to ask about covering ComicCon, (Wonder Woman costume included!)

I hope my listeners will follow me in this journey, I hope you all will go from rock devil listeners to rock devil viewers ;)

I started writing this post last week and have not been able to bring myself to finish.  Leaving GRD is very hard for me.  Anyone who has made a big life change, getting a job, moving, buying a house etc. can vouch that it is not easy starting over.  I have made many close friends over the years here at GRD... 

I guess the real adventure is just beginning, stay tuned...

My GRD brothers who also moved on, JT, and Shaffee If Dahmer were in this pic it would be the 3 men who taught me radio

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