It's Been A While

I have become distracted and am slowly bringing myself back down to earth.  I have been an awful blogger and I have had complete writers block.

Here's what's going on in my life currently:

I just wrapped, "A Sleeping Beauty: Somewhere In Time" at Magic Circle Theatre.  Which is the local community theatre's children's theatre.   I played Maelstrom, the chaos fairy who curses the young princess.  The show was an incredible experience and it was so fun to be able to get back on stage and to be evil.  It also didn't hurt that my costume was custom made and BAD ASS!

When I wasn't in the rehearsal for the play, or actually performing in the show I was running, running AND running.  I probably should have listened to my former teammate who is an elite runner for the Saucony Hurricanes, and take some time off after Kalamazoo Marathon.  Yet I did not.  I ended up with some lingering knee pain and just wrapped an entire week of no running/no cross training.  I started back up running on Sunday with little/no pain.  I am doing some special stretches and hip exercises and I think I am on a good road now.  

My friend I was talking about, Tina came down to Rockford today and ran with me actually!  Five mile run at about 7:30 pace.  Not bad!  I was a little tired but I think it's just that weirdness of not running for a week.

This is also day 1 of my #100DaysOfHappy!

Other new stuff!  I bought a motorcycle!  Yeah, I'm a biker chick now...  I took the safety course first and got my endorsement so I am riding legal.  I bought a suzuki blvd 650 sport.  It's my baby and I already am googling things like the sturgis bike rally and other crazy adventures I can have with this bad boy.

Hmm that may be all I have as for life updates.  Nothing crazy has happened really but I am ready for a summer that is jam packed with crazy so my writers block won't be around.  

The only other thing I want to mention that I'm kind of just throwing in here pertains to my "About Me" section.   You will notice I consider myself an advocate for people with disorders of sexual development, or DSD's.  There's a lot of talk about whether that's an appropriate term, or if it should be "differences" not "disorders."  I felt like the subject should be covered but I am not really at a place where I wanted to share an entire post about the topic.

I still consider it a disorder.  BUT that is ME not anyone else.  I don't think that means anything is wrong with me, nor do I think I am not right the way I am but I do think that the way by internal reproductive system is (or the lack of a reproductive system due to my CAIS) can be considered a disorder.

I respect both sides and I even agree with both sides.  I just wanted to drop a mention here because I know that some people prefer differences and not disorder, I respect and love you for you different or disordered :)

I think that covers my, "what I have been up to and what I have been thinking about."  portion of the day.  I'll leave you with this.  I am LOVING this commercial going around about what it means to do things, "as a girl"  
If you haven't seen it, watch it here:

I am a feminist and I love this.  "like a girl" can have different meaning to a CAIS person, this is an amazing step to me.  

Anyway, I won't wait to blog so long next time!  Updates soon, I have a hair appointment today and I am going a little crazy I think, we shall see!

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