Photo Shoot With Hite Design

My buddy Jason is a photographer that works closely with StellaFly, a group that is all over Grand Rapids at the hottest events, Stellafly tracks everything and is everywhere!

Well Jason and I decided to have some fun with my new motorcycle and get a couple shots in over by the Kent Trails off Butterworth Street in Grand Rapids.

Check out the photos here-

In other news... My knee is still having some minor pain so the last two weeks have been short 25 mile weeks.  I am really struggling with fear of losing all the speed I have gained, my 3:20 marathon wasn't all that long ago, only 2 months but it feels like an eternity.   I just keep reminding myself that Boston is what my real goal is, and I'm trying to focus on that, I want to do my best there even though EVERYONE keeps telling me it's damn near impossible to PR there... 

Anyone else having issues like me?  Man I had the worst winter with that polar vortex and now here I am with great weather and a bad knee.

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