Sunday, August 31, 2014

What I'm wearing volume 1

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Since I started the transition from radio host at WGRD to reporter at FOX17 I have had to do a lot of changes, mainly to my wardrobe.

Before I started at FOX I lived in running clothes.  When I wasn't walking around in running clothes I was either in a hoodie or black jeans and some sort of band t-shirt.  I realized quickly I would have to get my wardrobe updated, fast.

My friend Katie from "Rock Your Runway" gave me a few tips on how to update what I was wearing and I have managed to create some new looks on a very low budge.

I have been getting a few emails with people asking where I have been shopping and where I have been getting all my clothes and I thought why not share on the 'ole blog.  So this is volume one.

First outfit I want to share is a personal favorite.  I love red!  I found this red skirt at Express.  Now they can be a tad pricey but they are constantly doing 40% off everything in the store, and nearly half off of a 60 dollar skirt becomes very affordable.  Just make sure you join their email list and you'll get all of the deals.

Shopping local is also something I like to try to do.  Grand Rapids has tons to offer when it comes to shops and boutiques and my personal favorite is Humanity Boutique.  I found this great striped blouse that works perfect on it's own, or with a jacket, sweater, or even over a long sleeve.  

Jewelry has always been tough for me, I just never got into accessorizing.  I can say since I have been trying to add more jewelry to my wardrobe it has made all my outfits pop.   Love Culture in the River Town Mall actually has a HUGE going out of buisness sale and I got this awesome necklace for 2.00.  That is a price you can't beat!

The finished look turned out like this... that's actually the Plain White T's with me in the photo!  They came to Grand Rapids for the 5/3 Ballpark Summer Concert Series and I landed a quick interview.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Midnight Ride

I'm laying in bed and I realized I never blogged about the "Midnight Ride." It was definitly worth writing about that is for certain.

If you don't know the midnight ride is an annual motorcycle ride.  The ride begins at midnight from Rockford, Michigan and heads up to St. Ignance in the Upper Peninsula.  Every 100 miles or so the trip stops and fills up the tanks grabs coffee.

Did I mention there were upwards of 5000 riders?  My husband Jimmy, our friend Greg and myself bundled up (it was 55 degrees and on a bike that feels MUCH cooler) we packed up our saddle bags and off we went.

After our first stop we were feeling good! Keep in mind my bike is a 650CC but it's also pretty damn small and a big gust of wind takes little ole me and my little ole bike and can send us buzzin! 

We continued the ride stopping in Alma, Grayling, and Gaylord.  Once we got to Gaylord it was about 6:30 in the morning.  We were all tired but it wasn't til the huge pouring of rain that we said "CRAP!" 

Luckily we were right near a hotel in Gaylord and so we convinced the guy at the counter to discount a room and let us crash til check out.  

The next morning we got up- rather stiff and achey and stopped for breakfast.  After stuffing ourselves with eggs and hashbrowns we decided to to finish the ride over the Mackinac bridge.  

When we got to our hotel we stretched out and of course I squeezed in a quick 4 mile run....

I got back showered up and we took a free shuttle to the casino- cheap beers, good pastys and I won 286 dollars on a slot machine! 

There was this great cover band playing so of course I was in the front waving my hands around and belting the songs... We talked to the guitarist later to find that he even attended my alma mater- Ferris State! 

We made it back to the hotel well after 2AM and crashed hard!  We woke up again the next morning packed on a hurry as not to miss check out and jumped on our bikes for the 300 mile ride home.

It was quite the adventurous weekend I must say! I have never gone so long with such little sleep-  next year, Sturis!  I think I'll need to upgrade my bike though to a 1200, it's Harley time ;) 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Training Update 2

Ick ick ick! That sums up training lately.  I keep trying to remind myself that my end goal is Boston and that's not til April and not to fret but man getting used to a new schedule, a new job, new expectations, new hours and everything else has made running very difficult.

I have maintained 30-40 miles a week on average but would like to be considerably higher.  I think the average day is about 5 miles excluding long run days.  I'm to the point where I am just happy to make it out the door for 5 mile runs.

I need to get back on the speed work, better long runs and drinking more water- my hopes is my next training update on can say I was successful.  My knee is still a little achey but doing my excersizes and praying it gets better.

Have you ever gotten a new job or had a huge change in daily schedule? How do you keep up your running? If you have advice please comment! 

This's was me on today's 5 miler after work- averaged 7:40 pace but was just too darn tired to run any farther :( 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

First week at FOX17

WOW, the last few days have been a little crazy to say the least.  I have made so many new friends at my new office here at FOX17.  I also have been thrown on air basically immediately.

It was basically terrifying.  I haven't covered very much but I wanted to quick share what I have done!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Training Update- Running Sucks

Man running can really suck! So I hurt my knee not so long ago and it's probably all stemming from my spring race schedule where in 4 weeks I ran a marathon, 2 half marathons, a 10 miler and 2 5ks.... 

I have never been injured before and let me tell you I did NOT handle it good at all!  I took a week off, then took 3 weeks running well under 30 miles.  I know that in that time I couldn't have lost much of my fitness but I definitly gained a few pounds and every run certainly feels slow.

I am trying to build back into running 40 plus miles a week right now, if I do a 10 mile long run Saturday and 5 mile recovery Sunday I should get 40 this week.  

Tuesday I wanted to get some speed in so I did a local 5k in Lowell.  I felt completely miserable!  Took off like a bat out of hell and ran the first mile in 6:20 then gradually slowed down to the finish and didn't even break 21! Ugh 21:08 was my finish and I was pissed.

The rest of the week hasn't been good for training mainly because that race I think out that sour taste in my mouth About my fitness.  

I start my new job at Fox 17 Monday which means a whole new schedule!  Anyone out there have advice for runners who need to adapt to change?  I just want to get back on a routine so running doesn't rule my life but also gets the time it deserves.

I snapped a quick selfie after today's 6 miles in my neighborhood.  I am smiling but I felt awful during the run.  When I run from my house I end up running down hill 3 miles but coming back is like climbing a mountain!!