The Midnight Ride

I'm laying in bed and I realized I never blogged about the "Midnight Ride." It was definitly worth writing about that is for certain.

If you don't know the midnight ride is an annual motorcycle ride.  The ride begins at midnight from Rockford, Michigan and heads up to St. Ignance in the Upper Peninsula.  Every 100 miles or so the trip stops and fills up the tanks grabs coffee.

Did I mention there were upwards of 5000 riders?  My husband Jimmy, our friend Greg and myself bundled up (it was 55 degrees and on a bike that feels MUCH cooler) we packed up our saddle bags and off we went.

After our first stop we were feeling good! Keep in mind my bike is a 650CC but it's also pretty damn small and a big gust of wind takes little ole me and my little ole bike and can send us buzzin! 

We continued the ride stopping in Alma, Grayling, and Gaylord.  Once we got to Gaylord it was about 6:30 in the morning.  We were all tired but it wasn't til the huge pouring of rain that we said "CRAP!" 

Luckily we were right near a hotel in Gaylord and so we convinced the guy at the counter to discount a room and let us crash til check out.  

The next morning we got up- rather stiff and achey and stopped for breakfast.  After stuffing ourselves with eggs and hashbrowns we decided to to finish the ride over the Mackinac bridge.  

When we got to our hotel we stretched out and of course I squeezed in a quick 4 mile run....

I got back showered up and we took a free shuttle to the casino- cheap beers, good pastys and I won 286 dollars on a slot machine! 

There was this great cover band playing so of course I was in the front waving my hands around and belting the songs... We talked to the guitarist later to find that he even attended my alma mater- Ferris State! 

We made it back to the hotel well after 2AM and crashed hard!  We woke up again the next morning packed on a hurry as not to miss check out and jumped on our bikes for the 300 mile ride home.

It was quite the adventurous weekend I must say! I have never gone so long with such little sleep-  next year, Sturis!  I think I'll need to upgrade my bike though to a 1200, it's Harley time ;) 

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