Training Update 2

Ick ick ick! That sums up training lately.  I keep trying to remind myself that my end goal is Boston and that's not til April and not to fret but man getting used to a new schedule, a new job, new expectations, new hours and everything else has made running very difficult.

I have maintained 30-40 miles a week on average but would like to be considerably higher.  I think the average day is about 5 miles excluding long run days.  I'm to the point where I am just happy to make it out the door for 5 mile runs.

I need to get back on the speed work, better long runs and drinking more water- my hopes is my next training update on can say I was successful.  My knee is still a little achey but doing my excersizes and praying it gets better.

Have you ever gotten a new job or had a huge change in daily schedule? How do you keep up your running? If you have advice please comment! 

This's was me on today's 5 miler after work- averaged 7:40 pace but was just too darn tired to run any farther :( 

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