Training Update- Running Sucks

Man running can really suck! So I hurt my knee not so long ago and it's probably all stemming from my spring race schedule where in 4 weeks I ran a marathon, 2 half marathons, a 10 miler and 2 5ks.... 

I have never been injured before and let me tell you I did NOT handle it good at all!  I took a week off, then took 3 weeks running well under 30 miles.  I know that in that time I couldn't have lost much of my fitness but I definitly gained a few pounds and every run certainly feels slow.

I am trying to build back into running 40 plus miles a week right now, if I do a 10 mile long run Saturday and 5 mile recovery Sunday I should get 40 this week.  

Tuesday I wanted to get some speed in so I did a local 5k in Lowell.  I felt completely miserable!  Took off like a bat out of hell and ran the first mile in 6:20 then gradually slowed down to the finish and didn't even break 21! Ugh 21:08 was my finish and I was pissed.

The rest of the week hasn't been good for training mainly because that race I think out that sour taste in my mouth About my fitness.  

I start my new job at Fox 17 Monday which means a whole new schedule!  Anyone out there have advice for runners who need to adapt to change?  I just want to get back on a routine so running doesn't rule my life but also gets the time it deserves.

I snapped a quick selfie after today's 6 miles in my neighborhood.  I am smiling but I felt awful during the run.  When I run from my house I end up running down hill 3 miles but coming back is like climbing a mountain!! 

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