What I'm wearing volume 1

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Since I started the transition from radio host at WGRD to reporter at FOX17 I have had to do a lot of changes, mainly to my wardrobe.

Before I started at FOX I lived in running clothes.  When I wasn't walking around in running clothes I was either in a hoodie or black jeans and some sort of band t-shirt.  I realized quickly I would have to get my wardrobe updated, fast.

My friend Katie from "Rock Your Runway" gave me a few tips on how to update what I was wearing and I have managed to create some new looks on a very low budge.

I have been getting a few emails with people asking where I have been shopping and where I have been getting all my clothes and I thought why not share on the 'ole blog.  So this is volume one.

First outfit I want to share is a personal favorite.  I love red!  I found this red skirt at Express.  Now they can be a tad pricey but they are constantly doing 40% off everything in the store, and nearly half off of a 60 dollar skirt becomes very affordable.  Just make sure you join their email list and you'll get all of the deals.

Shopping local is also something I like to try to do.  Grand Rapids has tons to offer when it comes to shops and boutiques and my personal favorite is Humanity Boutique.  I found this great striped blouse that works perfect on it's own, or with a jacket, sweater, or even over a long sleeve.  

Jewelry has always been tough for me, I just never got into accessorizing.  I can say since I have been trying to add more jewelry to my wardrobe it has made all my outfits pop.   Love Culture in the River Town Mall actually has a HUGE going out of buisness sale and I got this awesome necklace for 2.00.  That is a price you can't beat!

The finished look turned out like this... that's actually the Plain White T's with me in the photo!  They came to Grand Rapids for the 5/3 Ballpark Summer Concert Series and I landed a quick interview.


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