Pump up the jams- my go to playlist for everything

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.-- We all have that one song that makes us happy, or pumps us up for whatever we need "pumping up" for.  I have many and over the years I have added songs to my pump up play list.

I got my first Ipod, the Ipod mini when I was 20 years old and a sophomore at Ferris State University.  Back then the coolest phone you could own was a Motorola Razer, which I had- and they did not play music.  So I had my Ipod mini which looking back was just awful.  The screen wasn't in color, but it could hold a lot of music.

Much like the Iphone now and many of you remember, you plug the thing into your computer, and sync it with itunes where you can order all your fave tunes and plop 'em into your Ipod.

The headphones are in, that means I was jammin... getting ready for I believe GLIAC indoor conference 2006

I had a collection of the greatest classic rocks songs ever... mixed in with songs that weren't so classic and looking back I laugh that I listen to them so much.  Anyway I have always felt like a persons taste in music says a lot about them.  So here is my playlist, I have added to it, but its basically stayed the same since I made it back in 2005.

"Jack-Attacks Fast Running Jams" (great title too....)
  1. Kansas- Carry On Wayward Son
  2. Styx- Come Sail Away
  3. White Snake- Here I Go Again
  4. The Darkness- I Believe In A Thing Called Love
  5. Twisted Sister- We're Not Gonna Take It
  6. Quiet Riot- Cum On Feel The Noise
  7. Outkast- Hey Yeah
  8. Styx- Renegade
  9. R Kelly- Remix To Ignition
  10. Fall Out Boy- Sugar We're Going Down
  11. Fergie- Big Girls Don't Cry
  12. Foreigner- Juke Box Hero
  13. Lynyrd Skynyrd- Free Bird
  14. Simple Plan- I'd Do Anything
  15. Bowling For Soup- Emily
  16. Bowling For Soup- Girl All The Bad Guys Want
  17. Katy Perry- Hot n Cold 
  18. Girl Talk- Play Your Part
There you have it.... how magnificent is that... I think the best part is that I still listen to that mix.... it is so random!  My classic rock love mixed with my "pop/punk" fusion love haha.  What's on your playlist?

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