Training Update: A light at the end of the tunnel

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.-- I've whined and whined and whined about injuries I have gotten that were basically all my own fault.  To be honest the injuries could have been much worse so I should be thanking God, not complaining.

Last year you may remember I had a few months there that I raced like an insane person.  I over trained then in April/May ran the following.

  1. Wounded Warrior 5k- This was only a 5k so I didn't think of it as a race but I ran pretty hard clocking, 19:51 and then proceeded to do my 15 mile long run the next day
  2. Gazelle Girl Half Marathon- I forgot to meniton, the 15 mile long run was actually the Gazelle Girl Marathon the next day, I got 10th place and ran 1:33:30 averaging about 7 flat pace for 13 miles plus cool down... Still no days off at this point.
  3. Striders 10 Miler- I love this race and it was the following weekend so I didn't feel I had a choice I HAD to run it right?  Once again I get competitive and race and have a great race, 1:09:12, under 7 minutes a mile and it was a hilly course... still no break.
  4. Rock n Roll Nashville Half Marathon- One week has gone by since striders 10 miler so I thought I was okay and ran this half marathon.  This now is 1 week til my full marathon I have been training for religiously.  I told myself I wouldnt race and I would go easy.  I still clocked 1:37:00 averaging 7:25 pace.... 
  5. Kalamazoo Marathon- It's been one week since rock n roll, I DID rest through out the week but only like 3 days of rest, plus it was my birthday that week AND I moved because we had bought our first house!  SO yeah I probably was a little fatigued even though I didn't realize it.  I ran the hilly course Kalamazoo boasts in 03:23:11- a HUGE personal record for me, and got me into Boston, qualifying by over 15 minutes.  I should have stopped there
  6. 5/3 River Bank Run- Everyone told me to take a few weeks off completely but I 5/3 River Bank Run was the following weekend and that's a Grand Rapids staple so I felt like I HAD to do it.  I chose to do the 10k... thinking, well that will be easier than the full 15 miles right?! WRONG.  I raced it, 6:45ish pace feeling awful the whole time.  The next day I did an "easy" trail run at cannonsburg and almost passed out.  
Not long after all of this my knee started bugging me... from there the knee got worse and worse, followed by my achilles tendon.  MONTHS of pain on both these things from different forms of tendonitis.  Basically this was all my fault

Here's where the news gets  good, I finally got a 4 mile run in, no stopping and NO pain... I am so excited.  This whole process has changed how I feel about running and my body and I will never let what happened last year happen to me again.  REST is key and I will live by that motto.

whipped! This was right after my successful 4-miler, which normally would be no big deal, but after so much injury 4 miles with no pain felt amazing.

Now I just need to train for Boston.... I still have 9 weeks!  Let's do this. Is anyone else training for Boston and as excited as me!

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