Training Update- Will this injuries ever end?

Just when you think it's over and you've gotten yourself healthy BOOM it happens again.  At least that what has happened to me.

I battled a knee injury since May 2014, just after I finished Kalamazoo Marathon (like a bad ass!) It sucked, I was barely able to train at all and I finally get through that and I go for my first long run for Boston and I low and behold I do it again.  I hurt my achilles this time.  

We aren't 100% sure what I did, but I can tell you one thing, it freaking hurts.  I can get through about 2 miles at a time without extreme pain, so I have a tendency to run 2 miles ridiculously fast, like 6 minute range. 

Me- ridiculously happy for completing 2 lousy miles
 I am starting to get a bit overwhelmed I want Boston to go smoothly, I have worked so hard to get to Boston, I have to be able to run it now!

Anyway, haven't blogged in damn near forever but I am back and I am here to stay.  This particular blog is full of whining and  bitching about my achilles but coming up, I'll have my annual new years resolutions, as well as an update on Baby Blankenship, yes you heard me... BABY.

Stay tuned....

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