5 Random facts about me

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.-- Let's get random today!  I figured why not talk about some things that I never talk about.  It's kind of like a get to know me better, so let's get weird!

  1. I am not very coordinated, and while I will always have dreams of being on stage and in the spotlight, the likelihood of me landing a role that is spotlight worthy isn't very high.  This fact never stopped me from at least trying though.  After I finished my 4 years (plus a red shirt year) with the NCAA as a cross country and track runner, I decided why not go out for the dance team.  I have next to no flexibility and I really don't have that much experience but I somehow managed to make the team and spent my last year of college (if you are doing the math you are correct I was in school a long time) as a sideline dancer at Ferris State.

2.  I'm pretty congenial... At least that's what I'm told.  In 2011 I won Miss Congeniality at the Miss Michigan USA pageant.  There were over 80 girls competing and I was announced the award winner by Rima Fakih Miss USA 2010.

 3.  I was the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity Sweetheart, or Recent Girl they call it.  A few of the boys in the fraternity also ran track so I quickly became friends with many of them.  The fraternity's "sweetheart" girl is a time honored tradition that they had got away from for years, but it was dating back to the 50's.  They picked me as their first Crescent Girl.  I was told later that when they had their chapter meeting to talk about it one of the pledges said, "Jackie Green is basically in the fraternity, why don't we just pick her..."

Waving in the homecoming parade on the Lambda Chi truck

4.  When I decided I wanted to go into broadcasting I originally wanted to do morning show radio, I was really into stand up comedians and wanted to be able to make people laugh... I am not NEAR funny enough to pull that off but my husband and I (then boyfriend) had our own podcast that WE thought was funny... It wasn't.  It did do well for a small stint though on iTunes! You can still find it HERE.

5.  Last but not least on random facts.... and THIS is random.  I love Barry Manilow... I know it's kind of weird but I know every song- my favorite Christmas gift my sister ever got me was the "Ultimate Manilow" CD she ordered off a 1-800 number she saw on television.  I can't decide if this is a random fact or a confession?  Either way... I LOVE me some Manilow... 

Well there you have it, 5 of the most random things about me...

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