Cheerleader for a day

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.-- It is national cheerleader week.  I had no idea to be honest, but we get notified at work of many "national" day's that I didn't know where actual things so I shouldn't be surprised.

One of my morning show members, Deanna and I wanted to put something together for the show on cheerleading but had no idea where to go.  First we thought of going to a high school and talking to some kids who cheerlead, but that was a bust because of some ACT testing a few of the schools were having this week.

Then we settled on college and after some digging we found out Grand Rapids is home to 2 time national cheerleading champions, Davenport University.  Davenport is typically an NAIA school when it comes to sports but their competitive cheerleading team is so good they compete D3 NCAA.

The team leaves for Nationals in Florida in about a month so they are working hard to try to bring home a 3rd win.  Well Deanna and I had them teach us some cheerleading moves.  I have never cheerleaded before.  I did dance team like I talked about the other day but dancing and stunting are two different things.

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