Party at Pal's Diner

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.-- If you learn anything about me from my blog it's that I love a good theme party.  If there is a chance of dressing up in some kind of costume than I am 100% in.

Over the weekend Jimmy and I hosted a fundraising party at Pal's Diner; a 50's themed diner on 28th street in Grand Rapids.  We were raising some money for our baby endeavors.  Those donor eggs don't come cheap I tell ya!

We had a tremendous turn out and earned well over 1000 dollars!  My sister came a little early and took some photos of Jimmy and I decked out in our 50's gear- because like I said, it's not a party if there's no costume.

The fine people at Pal's were AMAZING to us and I am so thankful that they allowed us to use their restaurant to host our party.  Not to mention it was worth straying from my pageant diet for a burger and fries there... they are delicious!

Back story on Pal's- I did a story on them not long ago on FOX17.  They are in the midst of creating a reality show, and if it goes as planned it's going to definitely be a hit. 

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