15 things I want to do while I am 30

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.-- It's my  birthday! 30 years ago today I was born in Lansing, Michigan at Sparrow Hospital.  I feel like I have crammed in a lot in 30 years between marathon running, getting my degree, switching careers, getting married... but there is still a lot more I want to do.  That said here is 15 things I would like to do this year, the year of 30.

  1. Win a race in my new age group!- I have moved from 25-29 age bracket in road races to the 30-34 age bracket, so I want to win my age group in this bracket!
  2. Volunteer more- I would like to work more with couples who are battling infertility.  Through my journey with infertility I have been surprised by the amount of emails I have received by people going through the same thing, I would like to be able to talk more with couples on a regular basis.
  3. Pick up a new hobby- I have always wanted to learn to sew, I am pretty creative and I think I could make some sweet threads if I just new how to sew... 
  4. Stretch more- I had multiple injuries in 2014 from not listening to my body.  I need to make sure this year that I stretch, stretch, stretch, and don't over do it!
  5. Take a ballroom dancing class- Jimmy and I said for our wedding we would take dance lessons and we didn't, I still think it is such a cool art form I want to at least try one class.
  6. PR in my marathon- 3:23 is great and all.... but I want to be faster, I am looking to do a 3:15
  7. Clean out my car and keep it clean- I feel like a 30 year old shouldn't have so many water bottles and pop cans in the front seat of their car... mine is really bad!  So I should probably get on that...
  8. Become more organized at home- we keep our home pretty tidy, but in our room we have a master bathroom with a walk in closet inside.  That is the "Jackie lair" where all my stuff is all over the counters, and the floor.  I want to organize my jewelery and my clothes so I can see everything more clearly! 
  9. Stop caring about what other people think- I have a bad habit of caring WAY too much about what other people think, from when viewers say mean things about my hair or voice to when the kids I coach are in a bad mood and get snappy at me, I take it too personal and I want to learn to let go.
  10. Help Jim more around the house- my schedule is really wacky and I have a lot of hobbies, so I have a tendency to let Jim do everything around the house and it isn't really fair.  I need to start taking more initiative, especially when it comes to cleaning and doing laundry!
  11. Win another pageant- I said that my last pageant was Mrs Michigan but I really like them, so I think I am going to try to win one in the year of 30.
  12. Upgrade my motorcycle- I have never been good at saving money but I want to try and set aside some every month and put it toward a Harley!  I love my suzuki but I am ready to upgrade from a 650
  13. Eat cleaner- this one sucks so hard, I love naughty foods, I am like the fast food queen and I probably won't stop eating what I eat but I need to incorporate some better nutritious food as well.
  14.  Do something new- Something that is NOT running related, maybe biking? Who knows just another form of physical activity!
  15. This one is last but it is my biggest one, I pray everyday... to have our baby! =)

What are some things you are looking to accomplish this year?  Comment below!


  1. Jackie- I worry about what others think of me too much as well. Here is something I found: Mentally tough people do not worry about pleasing others. There it is again. That's a variation of not worrying about what other people think of you. The thing is, you can't please other people. Well, it's everybody else's responsibility to be happy. Somebody's happiness is not your job. Somebody being content and happy is not your responsibility. And if you let somebody throw that off on you, you're gonna be miserable. If you're in a relationship, romantic relationship, marriage, anywhere at work or whatever, and if you let somebody make you responsible for their happiness, your goose is cooked.

  2. Hi Eric! Thanks for your comment, I couldn't agree more! It can be very hard to truly be mentally tough and stop caring but I think that when you finally do life can be a whole lot easier....


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