Baby Blankenship: Update

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.-- So much has happened since we began this journey to parenthood that I don't even know where to begin.  We started off with some fundraising efforts because the costs to do this with a gestational carrier were very steep.

We started a go fund me account and put our story out there, between that and the fundraiser we held at Pal's Diner we earned 5,657!  Our goal was 10,000 but we don't need anymore!  The amount we earned was perfect to help us pay for our donor egg and offset the costs of our procedures.

We paid everything off and that was one of the greatest feelings.  For one the stress that lifts when you pay off a huge payment like that is always insane, plus it made Baby Blankenship seem so much more real. 

Just a few weeks after we came up with the money we found out that we were already up on the donor list.  There are two ways to get eggs, one is called "fresh retrieval" where we pick our donor out of a data base and then they go into the clinic when they are ovulating and they take their eggs out and  make the embryos. 

The other option is frozen eggs.  This is relatively new to the Grand Rapids area they only started offering it about 5 months ago.  This is where potential donors go through all the screening process and then go in and donate their eggs, they are frozen and left in an egg bank until someone chooses them.  Because this is a new procedure the data base doesn't have very many people in it.

The costs are greatly reduced when choosing from the frozen egg bank mainly because we don't have to pay the costs of the donors hormone shots, and the procedure to retrieve the eggs.  We thought about it for a week or so and decided that, that was the route we wanted to take.

The next step is choosing your donor.  This is crazy hard!  Let me tell you there are so many amazing women on here that have each a story about why they chose to donate and help families in need.  The choice was a tad simpler for us because in choosing from the frozen egg bank there was only 4 current donors in the system (because like I said it is relatively new to the area.)

I wish I could share more about our donor but all that is kept secret for their privacy.  I can say that we had so much in common it made me cry!  She is a runner and was a college tri athlete for her university.  She keeps herself busy with tons of different hobbies and interests her bio sheet went on for pages of interesting facts about her and her family. 

Jimmy agreed immediately that she was the match for us and we chose our donor.  When you choose it is on a website that is password protected.  You login with a password they assign you and after hitting "choose as my donor" the donor's file is pulled from the site and you are immediately locked out as to not be able to look through other donors or try to choose more than one. 

My sister now has had to begin her daily hormone shots.  She got a package in the mail of about a million different drugs that all do different things that help get her body ready to carry the baby.  After a few weeks on the hormone medication we had an ultrasound to make sure that it was all doing what it's supposed to be doing and luckily for us things were going very smoothly!

That brings me to today, Monday, May 4th.  on Wednesday we have our embryo transfer.  An embryo transfer is when my sister, Jimmy and I go into the clinic and they take 2 embryos and implant them in her uterus.  The procedure is quick and painless (according to her after her "Mock transfer" she said she felt nothing!) 

9 days after the transfer we do a blood test to see if we have a pregnancy.  9 days!  How insane is that?  Now if we do have a pregnancy that doesn't mean we are out of the woods, as any mom knows a lot can happen before the end of that first trimester but I have put in every prayer I can that this is going to work out. 

My last day of being 29 years old (my birthday is the 7th the day after the transfer) we get to hopefully create this baby!  The best birthday present I could ask for! 

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