Key West Vacay!

KEY WEST, Florida-- This is year 3!  What does that mean?  Well 3 years ago the company that Jimmy works for (Data Strategy) started an annual Presidents Club.  Basically for sales people who could sell over 110% of their yearly goal.  These people get to go on a trip to Key West all paid!

It's year 3 of the club and year 3 that my awesome husband qualified.  We have grown to love Key West and being that it is very small we know the area very well.  I ate way too much Angelina's Pizza, and I drank one too many beers over at Durty Harry's while I sang (screamed?) along to the "Durt Bags" who play each night.

We arrived on Thursday, May 14th at around noon.  The trip is short so we cram a lot in, in just a few short days.  We had lunch at the bistro outside our hotel (The Westin) which put us off to a great start considering the food is delicious!

After that we basically went in and laid by the pool all afternoon.  It was very warm in Key West which seems like a no brainer but actually the last few years when we went it was a little chilly and rainy so the change of having beautiful, 85 degree days was amazing.

That evening we did a scavenger hunt.  They broke us all into teams and we went around Key West doing photo challenges that we would email from our phones to the scavenger hosts.  It was crazy how quickly the hunt got out of control!

One of the challenges was to come up with a creative team name with a picture, so of course we were the "Banana Hammocks" and yes that is my husband in a thong speedo...

In case you couldn't tell we may or may not have had a few drinks at this point ;)  We ended up turning in our photos and then WON! It's not like we won anything but I am pretty competitive so we were happy to have won, especially after making Jim sport that speedo!

The next morning I decided to go for my run with a running group that meets every Friday at 7:30.  We ran a 4.5 mile loop that took us all over Key West.  We got to see a ton of different historical sites, and ran along the beach.  It definitly made for a nice change up in my run.

At the southernmost point during my run!

 Later in the day we took a massive yacht on a 5 hour cruise.  It was beautiful and they served some delicious food, we ate a lot on this trip!  When we got back we all dolled ourselves up and spent the night on the town, hitting up "Aqua" the drag queen bar for a show, then even going into "Garden of Eden" the nude bar... which was pretty weird.  I kept all my clothes on but there were some people just standing around, or dancing buck naked!  For some reason all the people that chose to be clothesless were not the youngest either...

The next morning each couple went off on different excursions, ours was a snorkel trip.  It was really wavy and choppy on the water so it visually wasn't the best but it was fun to get on the boat and make our way out into the ocean and then go swimming in it.

Now we are at Saturday night, the last night in Key West.  We took a boat to a small island where there was a restaurant called, "Latitudes."  We ate our fill on lobster, and steak before heading back to our hotel where we all changed and then went out dancing.  It was a rough morning the next day considering we had to leave at 6AM to catch out flight!

At dinner on the island

Having some fun dancing with Jenny and Josh

 Needless to say the weekend went to fast and while I'm glad to be home I wish I could be "island Jackie" for a little longer.  Let's just hope that Jim has a good year and we can make it "Year 4!"

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