Bi-plane rides in Kalamazoo

KALAMAZOO, Mich.-- I've never thought twice about flying.  I hop in a plane and go to my destination, not really appreciating the fact that we are FLYING.  I did a story a week or so ago over at the Kalamazoo Air Zoo and my thoughts about flying changed.

Waldo Wright is a company that has 4 bi planes, basically they are two winged planes that are very old, like made in the 20's.  All summer long they are offering rides from the air zoo.  They take you on a 15 minute flight that goes up about 800 feet. 

The thing that was cool is that on these flights you get to experience flight the way it originally was meant to be.  Back in 1929 people from all over would line up in a field with change waiting for their chance to go on a 90 second flight.  In these planes there is no roof, you feel the air, smell the exhaust, it is such a cool experience.

Up in the air!  The little guy next to me plugging his ears is the son of the marketing manager at the Air Zoo... It was a little loud for his taste ;)

My camera man James and I came back to the studio and put together a piece on the experience and on how others can take part.  Check it out here:

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