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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.-- I love anything to do with costumes and the chance to create something I am all for. This weekend Celebration Cinema North in Grand Rapids celebrated the 40th anniversary of Rocky Horror Picture Show but hosting an outdoor showing.

If you have seen Rocky Horror you know that at a showing you will see amazing costumes, tons of props and lots of singing, dancing, and sweet transvestites!  Tickets were only 5 dollars, and there was an outdoor bar so you could get drinks.  Plus they allowed coolers so you could bring in soda, and snacks.

I decided early on that I was creating my own "Columbia" costume.  She is one of my favorites from the iconic movie and I have done Magenta before.  I didn't have a lot of money to spare so I had to use as much stuff from home as I could.  Let's take a look at this little project from start to finish shall we?

It all starts with a hat... Columbia is notorious for her gold sparkley hat now I could have just bought one but that wouldn't be near as fun would it?  So I found a top hat I had from a different costume and used a glitter spray paint to paint the entire thing a wonderful sparkle gold.

This paint works fantastic BUT it does clog and then you have a PROBLEM! Used the red rhinestones as trim on the hat, just to add some originality to the look

Always spray paint outside or in your garage because the fumes and smell will make you gag to death (At least it does to me hahaha.)  I set up in the garage and basically layed my hat on a piece of wood we had and all over sprayed it, let it dry a few minutes and then coated it again.

Now the wood has a nice glitter accent too ;) 

Best part about this spray is it doesn't flake off and get glitter all over your clothes.  If you were to use a loose glitter and spray adhesive you will find that glitter will rain on you like crazy!  This like anything flakes just a tad but not bad!  Over all I didn't find glitter all over my clothes and I had a nice all over look that was very professional!

Next for the hat I wanted to add some Jackie in there so I trimmed it with some red rhinestone trim, and tacked a big black bow to the back!  Because I love bows!

I glued the stones and bow on with E6000, every crafters best friend!  My husband has those trusses held in the garage for his band so I let it rest on them to dry over night
So now that the hat is complete I needed the rest of my look.  I didn't have much money as I have said so I couldn't put too much into new duds, instead I went with a black and red halter top, that has a corset look to it.  I paired it with a black and red fluffy, tutu skirt that I bought from Hot Topic maybe 5 years ago!  I never knew that I would be able to use that 20 dollar skirt in so many different ways.  I have managed to pair with multiple costumes over the years so it was a good investment.

I found a black sequin bow tie for 2.99 at Halloween Spirit (if you are in Grand Rapids they are located on Alpine Avenue) I lastly wanted a gold jacket to match.  Columbia wears a gold sequin blazer, I had this old metallic gold jacket from Forever 21, again another purchase that was less than 20 dollars!  I got that thing in college in like 2008 and find it still handy.

If you are a costume person like myself, when you have things like that that seem like a "I'll wear this one time for this party..." instead of throwing it out, put it in a box that you store in the basement because I tell you what half of the costumes I make are done out of things I already have right at home from outfits, costumes, and adventures!

Here is the look, now lets put it all together
Throw on a pair of fishnet stockings and you have a finished product!  My friends Lauren, Mackenzie, Heather, and Jake all joined me.  We had such a fantastic time!

I am now so stoked for Halloween!  I am not telling what I am being yet, but I promise it will be very fun!

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