Not here to race, I'm here to PACE!

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.-- Multiple times I have relied on pacers in a marathon, or half marathon to help lead me to victory.  Going to the start line and finding your "pace" group can take a lot of the tension out of racing because you know you are surrounded by people with similar goals, and similar capabilities as yourself.

I was asked to be the 8:00 per mile pacer for the Michigan Credit Union Bridge Run 10 miler this past weekend.  I was excited because I knew I wasn't in shape to race and PR but I wanted to be part of the race.  I had never paced before this so I wasn't sure how good I would be at it.

Well I discovered I was not very good at it.  Pacing is hard!  The race takes off and I found myself having to look at my watch every five seconds to make sure I wasn't going to fast, which I was going to fast.  I would get caught up talking to some of the other runners I was pacing and next thing you know a mile would beep and I would see we had ran a 7:45.  Which for me is nothing but for someone who is pacing to run 8 minutes a mile and hasn't ran much faster than that... that would be quite the leap!

I luckily had my pal Amanda with me who was a better pacer than I was but both of us struggled with holding the 8 minute pace.  The excitement of a race makes it hard to slow down and just pace!

Some of my other pacing pals and myself before the race!

I was hoping that my lack of sleep (I didn't get home til 3:30 in the morning from Columbus, but that's a whole other story.) would slow me down and make me concentrate on what I was doing.  No such luck.

People seemed to like Amanda and my enthusiasm for helping people to their PR's though and that was fun.  I also got to kick in the last half mile with a guy we had paced and watching him shatter his goal and just run fast made me feel all happy dappy inside! 

Moral of the story I don't know if anyone would want me to pace them but it really was fun being able to try and help!  On a side note I officially was accepted into the Boston Marathon for 2016... so there's that....

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