Baby Blankenship Update

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.-- WOW, what a long journey this has been!  So back in September we did another embryo transfer.  It was just like all the others, my sis got hopped up on Valium (they prescribe it! haha) we go to the fertility center and let them do their thing then we typically go enjoy a delicious breakfast.

Those are the two embryos we transferred, both grade1! That's the highest quality when it comes to cell count

Things in this round felt different, Dani wasn't feeling well and she mentioned multiple times that she had this feeling something was up, could she be pregnant?  Well with 3 days before our blood test to confirm she caved and took a pee test, then another, and another, and well... another.  Why so many?  Because they all were positive!  The idea was scary because they did tell us wait til you get a blood test for results but could 4 pregnancy tests be wrong?

Lucky for us there were NOT wrong! Her HCG levels came back soaring and things were looking fantastic.  That meant Jimmy and I had a baby on the way!  My sister had a niece or nephew on the way! This was so exciting!

Things took a turn a few Fridays later we were about 5 weeks along when Dani had to leave work early she called me crying saying she felt some pretty bad cramps and was bleeding.  She was pretty upset (as anyone would be) she had never experienced this with her first pregnancy and we all were concerned that maybe this was a miscarriage.

We called the Dr. and he didn't seem overly concerned but wanted Dani to come in for an early ultrasound to take a look.  We went in immediately the following morning.  I was a wreck inside, just super nervous and deflated.  As positive as I can be in life I had become someone I didn't recognize anymore, I was so negative everything I said about the situation had become sour and not happy.  I did my best though to be happy and try to keep a smile for my sister because she I know was scared and seeing her in pain isn't fun.

We started the ultra sound and Dr. Young told us almost immediately, "ahh, I see your problem here, you have a blood clot, not a big deal at all those happen you will be fine and look I can already see the baby's heart beat at only 5 weeks!"

Then he dropped this A-Bomb on us...

"Well I can see that babies heart beat, not seeing one on the second baby yet, but that's okay we are only 5 weeks, perfectly normal."

We all got quite and Dani said something like, are you telling me there are two babies in there?!

He confirmed that indeed their were!   We were having twins!  He even printed us a first look at the two little embryos growing in her belly.

You cant even really see them!  They are the size of an orange seed here.  An ORANGE SEED... that's tiny.  Dr Young told us to keep our 6 week appointment for the following week just to see if we can see little Baby B.'s heart beat.

A few days went by and we made the haul back up to the fertility center.  By haul I mean down the street from Jim and me, but an hour drive for Dani.  At this point Dani has had no pain at all since Friday when she had the spotting and cramps so she is feeling pretty good other than some morning sickness.

We did the ultra sound and immediately it was different than only a few days prior!  Now they are the size of a pea... much bigger than a damn orange seed!  And I could see two flashing lights, that was the heart beats.  Baby A. had a heart beat of 103 and Baby B. had a heart beat of 105.  Both perfect for only 6 weeks along.  They had already grown so much in just a matter of days... it was insane!

See em in there? they are the size of PEAS!
It's crazy how only a few days later you can see a visible difference in the size!  So that brings me to now, my sisters fabulous friend Amanda took some amazing photos of us in the park and even though we are only just about 7 weeks along I am too excited to hold it in anymore!


I need everyone's prayers being that it's early on, these two babies will be rock stars!

Photo by Amanda Campbell of Blissful Moments Photography


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  2. Feels strange adding a comment. After all I dont know you, just watch you on the news. I've been following your pregnancy story. Reading how someone who wants a baby so bad, yet cant have one & having people in my life whom have had children & didnt want them, or dont raise them. Has been heart breaking. Ive been keeping hope, that someone as awesome as the woman on the news, would have a child. Here it is. After all those doctor appointments, disappointments & heart break. You are having not 1 but 2 babies! It was meant to be! I couldnt be happier for you and your family watching this come to a happy ending! Now you are offically a mom! Congratulations to you and your family.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. We are beyond thrilled to be growing our family. I can't wait til they are here!


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