Post Halloween : The Hairspray Hangover

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.-- My favorite holiday has come and gone in a flash, Halloween.  I spend so much time planning a costume and the makeup and everything and then before I know it, it's November and everything is over and all I am left with is a hairspray hangover, and in this case 100 extra bucks!

So this year I took Halloween to a new level and celebrated two weekends in a row.  The weekend before the spooky holiday I went out to Mega 80's Spooktacular at the Intersection with some friends, little did I know I would be tapped on the shoulder to be part of the costume contest.

I had chosen to wore my most authentic Wonder Woman costume.  Briefs and all.  For me walking around in public in briefs is no big thing I mean come on check out this side by side...

Left- Ferris State Track, Right- Wonder Woman on Halloween...
Kind of see what I mean? Anyway, so I basically threw that on in just because Wonder Woman kicks ass and I didn't have a creepy/scary costume (which I like better normally since it is Halloween) so I figured I mine as well be an ass kicking amazonian...

I went on stage and did my best flexing poses... yes I know I have little to no muscle in my arms, don't judge! haha! 

Trying to look like a tough amazonian...
The place was packed and people either thought my ridiculousness was worthy of a prize or they really like Wonder Woman because I took home third place and got 100 bucks!  That definitely made my night!

Fast forward to the following weekend.  Jim and I like to try and match best we can each year so this year I picked Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas.  I did Jim's makeup as you can tell since it's not that good, my pal and makeup artist Erick did mine (he is incredible!)

Jack and Sally
We had a bunch of friends over, passed out candy and then went out to OTooles in Grand Rapids to celebrate.  All in all it was a lot of fun and the 100 bucks from the previous weekend paid for everything!

Sally and a Skeleton... Or Jackie and Chelsie ;)

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