That one time I messed up...

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.-- "That one time" is a loose term.  I have messed up a million and one times.  Honestly I tell my guests on air almost everyday, "Don't worry you will be great, I mess up way more than any guest does."  It's the truth too!

Well a few weeks ago I really messed up and it picked up national attention... Don't worry it wasn't anything too bad...

Let me take you back, it was Halloween weekend so Friday the 30th.  I was dressed as Elvis, (I am a big fan of The King.)  I had this whole plan to spin around in this stool during my tease and do my best Elvis impression.  Well I spun around alright, then I just couldn't keep it together... next thing you know I am giggling my ass off!

I mean I was in a hysterical fit of giggles here, just couldn't stop.  Check out the video and you will understand.

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