Farewell to FOX17

GRAND RAPIDS, MI-- It's been a wild ride.  Waking up at 3AM each morning, stumbling around my house, slamming a sugar free rockstar to try and wake up, cranking 38 Special in my car and singing loudly because for some reason that wakes me up... but now I say goodbye.

I started on television at FOX17 in 2014, I have loved being on the morning show, and attempting to make people smile each morning with a fun story about our local community.  Problem is I can't seem to get used to this 3AM thing...

While I worked at WGRD, I was a night owl.  Not just the typical 20-something night owl, like I would go for my runs at night when it was cooler, I would watch movies and catch up on shows at night when people slept.  Worked on my blog and social media while people were snoozin. 

People say you will eventually adjust but I just never really did.  As many know by now we are having a baby via gestational carrier (basically a surrogate carries our baby for us!) and our scheduled c-section is Tuesday, June 7.  I am terrified! 

My husband has some clients out in Wisconsin and a few days a month he stays the night.  That issue started a long conversation on, "who will watch baby Greenleigh?"  We have no relatives within 50 miles, and I am not willing to sacrafice a vacation day every single time Jim needs to travel for work.

That started a long conversation of how this schedule just doesn't seem to work with us anymore.  I had a long talk with myself, too, what do I want to do? Well I know I want to be in media, I know I want to be seen OR heard in some capacity, and I know I want to be a mom, I want it all!

I finally had to make the hard decision that staying at FOX17 just wasn't an option.  Things that many don't realize about television is that we are on no matter what.  It doesn't matter that it's a holiday, that your baby is sick, or that you woke up late.  The morning show will start at 5AM no matter what.  There is no wiggle room.  I went to my boss and explained my dilemma.  He told me he cared about me and my family, and that he understood and we decided to part ways.

Today, June 3rd, is my last day on air on FOX17.  WOW that feels weird to say.  I will not be on TV for awhile BUT I am looking for work to start in August or September.  Hopefully you will hear me again soon ;)

I will continue to do my segments that you see here on FOX17 though but a little different, with the help of my friend from Toledo I have a new web series starting this summer.  It's all about "making it work" as a mommy!  Working out, fashion, getting your hair done, you name it we will be rockstar moms together!

I hope you follow me on my journey and hopefully my search for a work home doesn't take me long.


  1. Followed you since you were "man voice Jackie". Can't wait to see what the future holds for ya.

  2. Thank you!!!! I'm excited to start something new :)

  3. looking forward to your next adventures, Jackie, and enjoy the Mom Gig ...best job evah!

  4. looking forward to your next adventures, Jackie, and enjoy the Mom Gig ...best job evah!

  5. You are going to be a great mother. Will miss your segments on Facebook as I can't watch fox 17 Grand Rapids over here in Saginaw. Continued success for you and your family. One of the funniest people I have ever met. Even way back to four square days.

  6. Jackie, I sure will miss your huge smile and great personality! I wish you so much joy and love! And with becoming a mom, you will have a lot of both! The best always.

  7. You will never look back and regret this choice....I promise..being a mommy is better than any career in the world...even on the days you wish you could pack up and go to work! :) ❤️

  8. Good luck, Jackie. Nothing like looking into the wide eyes of a little one!! Time flies so fast, enjoy!!


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