Jackie tries the "Nose Frieda" snot sucker on baby Greenleigh

If you haven't heard of this contraption, that consider yourself lucky!  I have an almost three month old at home named Greenleigh (no her last name isn't Green, its my husbands last name haha!) Greenleigh has been super stuffed up lately and that damn bulb thing was not cutting it!

Introducing the "nose frieda."  This came recommended by so many people but the thing is; it sounds completely disgusting! Basically here's what happens, you stick one end of this tube up your baby's nose and the other end is put in your mouth.

So I am sure right now you are going okay WTF!  Don't worry it  gets worse... so then you just suck like you are drinking out of a straw and its the last little bit of frozen margarita....
Before you freak out there IS a stopper in this thing... but does that make it a whole lot better? NO, haha but a mom's gotta do what a moms gotta do!  Check out the video of me using this thing!


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