Back to radio: Everything I have done wrong

Hello friends! 
So as you know by now I have left FOX17 and am back to the world of radio.  It probably came as a shock to most of my followers/readers/friends/some family because I had dreamed of being in television for so long.
As we get older we change, it's inevitable we do and that means our dreams change too.  So I wanted to write a post about what the switch back as been like and everything that I have managed to screw up so far.
First off, I'm not sure what vibe I gave when I left 97.9 WGRD, but I want to set the record straight that I really enjoyed my time there and I LOVE the guys and gals I worked with.  I just went to school for so long and while their I saw myself in TV... I just did so when the opportunity to work at FOX came up I had no option but to say YES and give it a go!

I just watched a VLOG from a young reporter in a small market.  I felt really bad for her because basically the blog was her talking about how TV isn't what people think. It's not glamours, it's not easy, and it doesn't necessarily pay well.

While I don't really want to go on like some whiny millennial about how hard work is hard I do have to agree with this woman. The hours are long, the pay isn't great (I'm sure that varies market to market) and if I ever thought radio listeners were "mean" I was wrong, because TV viewers are a whole different animal.

The things people say to complete strangers baffle me! I remember once I got my hair cut and I was so excited about it.  I got a dramatic angled cut; short in the back and it diagonally got longer in the front, super dramatic though not very subtle. 

Viewers wrote in to me TERRIBLE things about how awful I looked, "Looks like you have two different hair cuts, fix it." or "Ew Jackie had such pretty hair why did she go chop it off it looks awful."

I've been growing the hair cut out ever since... 
The haircut that sparked outrage...

Anyway that said I'm back to radio! YAY!  So everyday I would listen to morning shows and podcasts in the truck with my camera man (who is awesome!) and I found myself really missing radio.  

Maybe its me being a chatty cathy but there is something really cool about conveying a story, emotion and all just using your voice!  
Not to mention, I love music, my husband and I are huge concert goers, I like the atmosphere of radio and I just liked what I did! So when I knew I needed a job but TV was at minimum going to be on hiatus for a while I decided to reach out to people I knew in radio.

I had met a few people here at Cumulus- Grand Rapids a few times and knew they were interested in hiring for an afternoon host on 105.3 HOTFM.  After a few meetings we nailed things down and I had the job!
On the job!

Here's the thing, like all jobs you don't walk in and just become a bad ass at what you are doing. I wish someone would have told me that because I totally went in thinking 
"I'm going to be a bad ass at what I'm doing!"


So here is everything I've done wrong thus far (Ya I'm finally getting to the point)

First off, I like to think I'm pretty hip... (am I hip if I am using terms like hip?) I thought I was up on my "musicology" I knew what was trending and what not.

I am like a complete two months behind on EVERYTHING, I'm such a mom it's not even funny!  I hear things and I'm like "who da fuq is that?!" I've googled who, what, when, where, and why so many times about some of these artists it's not even funny... like how the hell do I pronounce that name? (Yeah I'm talking to you Tory Lanez! (pronounced lanes not Lan-EZ)  

Second, pushing buttons is not complicated, I have that down pat.


Okay so they use a completely different system then we used over at my last station.  It's like a touch screen which should be way easier but for some reason I just can't grasp it.  This is week 4 for me here and just the other day I didn't hit the button on the screen and started talking over a commercial... 

It won't be hard to remember "1053 HOT FM- GR's Hottest Hits"


This one is so embarrassing I can't believe I am even telling you!  I have called us by like 3 different station names in the month I have been here.  Seriously I will be in the middle of  two songs and say 
"Youre in the middle of an extra long GRD.... I mean um... its Hot FM heres lady gaga"
That happened... shoot me.

On a positive note, let's take a look at what I have done RIGHT.

  • Building a rapport with listeners- I love talking to listeners and they haven't had someone live in the studio in a while so it's cool for you and me to be able to chat during my show!
  • All my side work is down pat- So we do more than just talk on the radio there's always a few extras we have to do here and there and I have that down to a science each day!
  • Coming up with content- It's been pretty easy to come up with content each day, basically I take everything I normally save for my husband when he gets home from work and I talk about it! HAHA! My fave topics, reality TV (because it's all ridiculous) being a mom (because there's a lot of ridiculous stuff there too) and let's be real, I love to talk about Taylor Swift...(I am a total Swifty! She's just great)
Moral of the story, I am getting better  everyday, I still mess up and I appreciate everyone who listens so much! The encouragement has been stupendous.  Seriously, coming from television where everyone dogged on me on social media, I was blown away by how nice listeners have been while I find my footing.



  1. I listen to you live streaming when I can and you are doing better than you give yourself credit takes time to perfect things and you might be a little rusty but things will continue to evolve and the oopises' will become few and far between

    1. Thanks Chris! That means a lot! I'm not overly concerned or anything just rusty haha

  2. I Love listening to you on the radio but do miss you on the tv. I Loved how enthusiastic you where and how you made things more fun. its not the same with out you. Will you be going back at all?

  3. I'm not in your market at all. I actually found you by accident searching for another friend of mine named Jackie. However, I was intrigued by your style and your history and have enjoyed following your energy through your social posts, even though I've never heard you on TV or radio. Your history tells me you've always followed your heart so this change comes as no surprise. Keep it up.

  4. i wish u where back on wgrd i like it when u where their


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