The last 5 things I've googled

A person's google history can be somewhat personal.  Not personal like private but personal as in I am embarrassed for you to know the things I google.  

Whether it's because I simply don't know the answer OR because I am freaked out for some reason or other, my google can be laughable. So I figured today why not let others get a laugh at what I've googled... 

  1. "How old is Sarah Drew?" - This is great, I have a fascination with how old actors and actresses are.... If you don't know Sarah Drew plays April Kepner on Greys Anatomy.  I just dove in hard core on netflix to the show and am on season 9.  I always want to know if someone who plays someone my age is actually older than me... and when they are I get unusually happy. (For the record she is 35... so yes she's older than me)
  2. "Is my baby sleeping too much?"- Okay laugh at me... the doctor did when I called her too!  So my little lady is an exceptionally good sleeper.  Like I put her to bed at 8pm every night and she wakes up usually at 7:30 the following morning.  But sometimes she does that and STILL sleeps like a lot during the day.  Why's she so tired?!  It freaks me out! Wake up Greenleigh!  (Once again, it's super normal just rare cuz babies can be little ass holes sometimes)
  3. "How many calories are in a large thin crust cheese pizza from Hungry Howies?"- Do you think it stops me from eating the entire pizza? (It's thin crust come on!) No it doesn't I just like to know. (Answer: I never should have googled it because it's a lot)
  4. "Whats the oil the makeup artists on instagram use?"- Okay that is super broad, HAHA! But they had an answer!  So I love those damn videos on instagram where makeup artists make themselves look like BAMF's and they are all pouring some oil all over their makeup sponge/brush before they apply their foundation/concealer... I WANT IT (it doesn't take much to sell me) Well apparently so does everyone else because I found it and it's sold out all over the internet.
  5. "Why won't the audio work on my iphone 6s plus?"- There were like a MILLION answers and none of them helped me!  Wanna know what did?  Turning it off and turning it back on... 

What's the last thing you googled? Comment below! Please say other people google actors ages... 

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