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I have been a terrible blogger!  Which isn't cool because I love to blog and writing my thoughts always makes me feel just GOOD.  So one of my new years resolutions is to be better with my blog. 

That said I have SO much to catch everyone up on.  I haven't been good on social media at all, unless you count just sharing pictures of Greenleigh which I do all the time.  So here is a list of 5 things that's going on with me lately

 First off lets talk about my favorite subject, baby Greenleigh!  She is doing very well!  She's growing like a weed and is pretty much the only thing on my brain.  Mom brain is a real thing and I have it bad.   My motivation to come up with compelling content has slowly dwindled and I find myself just throwing up cute photos of Greenleigh because they are so dang cute!  I am growing along with her, finding my way as a mom and loving it! 

 Next lets talk about life outside motherhood.  My heel is still hurt!  So a while back I started having heel pain on one of my runs and it never really went away.  It consistently became worse and worse until I could barely walk on it.  I've seen numerous doctors and am still struggling to figure out what the heck is wrong.  We originally thought plantar fasciitis but as time went on my doctor and I started thinking it must be something else.

We are still trying to come to a conclusion and I am praying we do soon.  I haven't ran in 2-3 months!  That is a RIDICULOUSLY long time for me.  My sanity rests on running, I don't post about my fitness and running that much on social media but it is something I do every day. 

Now that I can't run I have been working hard on my bike trainer in my living room (BORING!) Swimming at the Y, and various Beachbody work out systems.

In December I completed 21 day fix and went right into the 30 day chisel.  Today was week 3 day 2 and I am going strong, hopefully building strength so when I do go back to running I'm not dead slow!  I value my speed and endurance.

finished my chisel!

 I've been chosen to represent Michigan as the new Ms Michigan US Continental!  That's been exciting and I love being able to make appearances spreading my message of infertility awareness.  The national pageant I'll be competing in is this August!

Photo by Tim Priest

 I've had a lot of reflection time lately, really thinking about being a little different from your average woman and how it has effected me over the years.  It's something I brushed off for a very long time as not bothering me.  We flew through Greenleigh's birth with my amazing sister, and I just kept pushing thoughts away about how it feels to know I can't do this, I cant have a baby on my own. 

I have much more to say on the topic of differences of sexual development, so many kids are born with a slight variation from the "gender norm" IE- being born without ovaries or uterus!  I'll leave that for my next post though...

So that is me lately, I'm momming hard, I am trying to lift weights and cycle my butt off until I can run, and I am trying to TRULY accept myself for who I am, not just say that I do...

2017 is off to a great start, I look forward to seeing what else it has in store.

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