Getting my speed back

I haven't talked about running, and training at all lately... there is a reason I swear!  It's because I went and over trained for way too long and wound up injuring myself bad enough that I couldn't run for 3 whole months!  I almost went insane.  Well now I am back but I am NOT speedy... trying to change that now though.

Today was my first day back on the track.  I have been avoiding this day for weeks.  My foot was starting to feel better, I was starting to have less and less pain each run and I knew it was time to up my game and get back on the track for some speed.

It can take you years to get the speed and endurance it takes to run your fastest half/full marathon, but only 3 months to lose it all.  At least that's how I felt.  I decided I'll never get back to sub 7 miles in my half if I didn't just bite the big one and do some damn speed.  So I dropped my little Greenleigh off at daycare a couple hours early and instead of just running my usual 5-7 mile loop I went to the track for 400 meter repeats.

It SUCKED; like sucked really bad.  It was hot, it felt so much faster than it really was, and I wanted to quit at least 3 times, but I managed to get through it.  I decided since it was my first work out back to start with 8, 400 repeats and did 400 easy recovery between each one.

I ran each fast interval around 1:27.  I tried not to compare the work out to work outs in the past as much as I wanted to.  I am choosing to look at it as getting my speed back and that takes time.

So Bayshore Half Marathon here I come, I probably won't PR but I can at least go in as strong as I can possibly be!

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