Jackie Cosplays: Silk

I have always been a big fan of Spider Man.  I like the comics, I like the newer movies, and hell I even liked some Toby Macguire spider man action... When I discovered SpiderVerse and the character Silk, my obsession became real, real!

If you are not familiar with Silk I will break it down.  Silk AKA Cindy Moon was a high school student who got bit by the SAME spider as Peter Parker.  You know, the one that gave him all his spidey powers.
Through a series of events Silk ends up spending 10 years in a bunker to be finally released by Spider Man.
Her comic series is amazing, super entertaining and her character is AWESOME.  She is now about my age, interning at a news paper and not understanding anything that is younger than 10 years old... due to the whole bunker thing...

Anyway, I read a bunch of Silk and had to become her next!  Thanks to Jason Hite for meeting up one night to take these in downtown Grand Rapids.

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