Hello, I am Jackie a radio host from Grand Rapids, Michigan! 

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 Welcome to my blog!  I am Jackie Green, a radio host from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I've had a few jobs in radio and television and now am working at 105.3 HOT-FM!

 My story is a long one and if I told it from start to finish it would take me days.  I'll try my best to sum up who I am here in this little, "About Me" corner of my blogging universe!

First off here is something important... I am engaged MARRIED! whoop whoop!  Yup someone wanted to marry me, (it shocked me too...) November 23rd, 2013 I went from being a "Green" to a "Blankenship."   I love Jimmy very much.  We met while working at Bennigans Grill and Tavern while we were in college... we have had so many adventures together I don't even know where to begin, but our biggest adventure is about to begin began, November 2013!

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 I am a runner, I ran cross country and track for Ferris State University on a scholarship!  I have been running cross country and track since I was in 6th grade.  I was 12 and now I am 31... you can do the math on that one!  It has never occurred to me not to run, or not to compete.  For me they go hand in hand.  When I entered my senior year of high school I can remember multiple people asking me, "What next?"  Well DUH, next is collegiate running.  Well at the time I wasn't exactly college athlete material.  So I got lucky and a coach let me walk on, after a year I had moved from 9th on the team to top 4 on the team and maintained that spot through out my time at Ferris State.  Now that I have graduated college I have started switching over my training to marathons.  They are BRUTAL but amazing all at the same time!  I recently qualified for Boston for my 3rd time and hope to get my personal record down to 3hours and 15mins in 2017! (My current PR being 3:23:04)

My teammates in 2008 in Slippery Rock, PA for the NCAA Division 2 national championships
I am a former "rock jock" I had the luxury of working for the best rock radio station you'll find in Grand Rapids (I'm not biased or anything)  Because of that I concert hop like it's my job (it kinda was for 5 years...)  I started off as an intern on the syndicated morning radio show, Free Beer and Hot Wings In The Morning.  An amazing program director took a huge risk on me and let me take over weekends on the station.   From there I moved to full time doing nights and then to middays, 10AM to 3PM every day!

Arejay Hale, myself and Shaffee at Rock On The Range 2013
I had always wanted to work in TV and in July of 2014 my dream job came along working for Fox 17 as an arts and entertainment reporter.  As a full time member of the morning news team.

I had a baby via surrogate (MY SISTER!) in June of 2016 and left my position with FOX17 Morning News.

Greenleigh Jo Blankenship

I now have my own radio show on 105.3 HOT-FM in Grand Rapids, Afternoons with Jackie Green

Photo Credit: Georgina Vaughan

I was born without a uterus or ovaries stemming from a fairly rare condition known as CAIS.  For a long time I was terrified of anyone finding out, but now I guess I don't care.  I am me, Jackie- and this was the way I was born being intersex isn't anything to be ashamed of and I know work to bring awareness as well as help advocate for intersex youth.  Too many people like to "hehehe" at things involving sexual development but I can tell you it is NOT funny for the person born that way.  I say this statement and mean it, "NObody should be ashamed of their body."

 Sorry no picture for that one.... What do you want a picture of anyway?? That would just be weird!
I dabble in pageants and have one a few and lost a few.  Pageants kind of conflict with my rock gal image, but I like to confuse people.

I act, sing, dance, and love musicals even though I rarely get cast.

Superheros rock, and so do comics, I love cosplay, which is nerdy but whatev!

Other interests include reading for 5 hours a night, dancing, singing bad karaoke and riding my motorcycle at all possible times!

I think that's all you really need to know, hope you enjoy my comings and goings.  Feel free to leave a comment any time!


  1. I was glad to find someone locally that has CAIS. My daughter also has that, so I will be happy to show her someone that is like her. Thanks for sharing.

    1. WOW, I dont know that I saw this comment before now! Thank you for commenting, if you daughter ever wants to meet so she can meet someone else with CAIS, I am here and happy to do it!

    2. Our baby girl was diagnosed with CAIS last week and it's so nice to see that this condition shouldn't affect her overall quality of life. You are gorgeous and it's wonderful that you are proud of who you are! Thank you for being an amazing role model for others with CAIS.

  2. Hi Jackie! Found your blog when I googled CAIS, wich I also have. So cool to see that you are so open and relax with it. Hope that I also will be that someday. Rigth now only My closest friends and family knows. Keep it up! :) /Regards from Sweden!

    1. I am glad you commented! If you ever want to talk, feel free to email me!

  3. Hi..all i recently diagnose my baby girl with CAIS and we were so scary but finding a person like you with CAIS boost my mind as a parent and i know that she will become like you one day..

  4. Hi..all i recently diagnose my baby girl with CAIS and we were so scary but finding a person like you with CAIS boost my mind as a parent and i know that she will become like you one day..


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