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  2. Hi Jackie,

    Sorry for the loss of your twin baby. It's so thoughtful of you being in the public eye to share your story. I experienced infertility for 11 years 4 miscarriages later I have two beautiful children. It's great to read this because when I was going through all of it I didn't have resources and it felt like it wasn't talked or shared about back in the 90's. So I thank you for all the couples that are starting or struggling with this.. Sharon Vanputten

  3. Just being who you are, just being on air with such excitement and sharing the most intimate things on ur blog, you change others hearts and minds, From all of the deepest stories you share of the loss of children, all the way to a small change from laughing at ur on air antics just a moment per day. Thank u for being u, You ARE loved !


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